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Today some developer of my company had ask about Dynamic Data usage for the creation of a backoffice, not about advantages and disadvantages but about how to do this. After asking another developers and architects inside and outside the company i figure out that dynamic data stills a mystery for a lot of people. So decided to post a cast i had upload to youtube long time ago about this subject.

I hope this helps people have an idea about how to use Dynamic Data.

Be carefull if your intend is to generate dynamic backoffices for your sites that have a lot of usability thoughts and needs and are nos sealed in time. Dynamic Data is great but is not easy to make a valid framework based on it.

But if you need and adopt this technology to doit pay attention that entities are generated by VS, so if in the feature anything changes in the database you have the need to regenerate all the entities and you can louse your customization and changes. So use the generated entities as a base from where you extend. To know how to extend in a elegant way as we do next.

Imagine you have a product table that had been used to generate the entity that represent that product, we have the need to extend the business logic of Product. To do that you take advantage of the fact that the generated class is Partial, knowing that is easy to extend the business logic. Imagine a reordering method.

public partial class Product
private short sStockLevel;
public short StockLevel
get { return sStockLevel; }
set { sStockLevel = value; }
partial void OnSafetyStockLevelChanging(short value)
StockLevel = value;
partial void OnReorderPointChanging(short value)
if (value > StockLevel)
throw new ValidationException(“Re-order Point exceeds the Safety Stock Level!”);

Javascript must have book

Posted: March 21, 2012 in Anouncements

I had been reading without stopping a great book about a language that is not always well understood by the development community. Everyone talks about javascript but how many really knows to develop in javascript, raise your hand…

Has i suspect very few hands raised. I admit there are a lot of javascript i still have to learn even after years in web development and contributions to open source javascript projects. At a first view javascript seems a weak and simple language, but there are a lot power in this small bro and a lot of secrets to be reveled even for the pros.

If you are in this quest for knowledge like i,  i would advice you to get this great book…even some patterns that we are already familiar to work with in javascript frameworks like jquery and mootools are finally explained here.

A great work of John Resig’s ( ).

Software factories are a good produtive quick start. They hel us not to repeat some hard work and to develop fast, but our Knowldge base still gold on the arena.

SPSF Sharepoint Software Factory is one off that cases. This tool that i strongly recommend to any Sharepoint 2010 developer is very usefull, but stay alert there are some bugs in the creation off fields, and by defaul features are always activated at the deploy off the solutions.

So don’t stay with the mindset that the factory will do everything and validate the core generated code, especially the code related with fields and content types.

At the company where i work i had adopted this great for the technical team but since the first days sometimes SPF don’t do all his work.

So beaware to the points:

Column Fields based on hyperlink or image will not work well;

List schema definitions should be reviewed because the factory assumes the item always as a valid content type of a costumfiled;

If you are not in the TFS championship yet…You may experience some problems using the GIt or the sourcesafe 2005

In the future we will talk more about Sharepoint Factory for sure for know i end with a video from the Developers of SPSF Sharepoint Software Factory to give you some clues of what ypou can do, and how this tool can help you


Back to the bloggesphere

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Anouncements

Hi all,

After a long time without blogging about my digital thoughts, discovers problems and adventures, i decided today to get back into this technical sharing game.

It was a long time ago since this blog was out of the air, since that a lot changed in the technical spectrum.

Since this was a fresh restart i decided to trash the old items, if you are on off the mates that used the kb on this blog contact us and we will send you a copy of everything that was here. I decided to do that because like i was saying a lot had changed and some of the technologies and methods i had described here are now deprecated.

nowadays my main focus are digital technologies and the new paradigm of operating system even the mobiles, so that is something you can expect to read here.

Technologies like .NEt, ASP.Net MVC Windows 8 sharepoint Umbraco HTML 5 CSS are just some off the things you can expect to see around here, that doesn’t mean that you cannot find out some other things here.

Since last year i am a technical trainer in spare time you can expect here also some coupons to my online or classroms courses.

Ok let me restart giving to the community what belongs to the community knowledge and power tools to decide whats best.

All comments and contributions are well received. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment and ask