Sharing my Orchard CMS Course Slides

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Anouncements

Once again i had been teaching about Orchard in a workshop. It all run very well and this framework still inspire people. Off course all the orchard board knows that there is a long path to go until we reach the maturity of a complete CMS framework.

Thanks to the NHK for the opportunity to teach this framework.

And for all here stays the two parts slides i had presented until now in all the workshops about Orchard CMS i had gave including the course i gave in my company to my formed Orchard team.

And here you have the site of the Orchard project here you can learn more:

If you need some extra information anad explanation i wopuyld recommend the book of o’reilly Orchard CMS upo and running 

Or the good course Pluralsight has to offer 

  1. OrchardUkGroup says:

    thumbs up to this presentations very detailed. Congrats, and thanks.

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