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My presentation about HTMl 5 Offline Webapplications at the Open soft Development Devision Group teams was last night.

It went well as good to see again a lot of good professional with who i had learn a lot in the past and that i hadn’t seen for a long time.

In the end of the presentation i was “bombed” with question and that was very good and the Technical discussion we went after taht was priceless.

i really feel i had teach a lot this evening and learn too. I share with you my presentation in case you have interest, the demos i will updat elater to my GIT.

HTML 5 SEO Good Pratices

Posted: May 30, 2012 in Anouncements

In HTML 5 Universe when we talk about Good Pratices we always associate to the struture of our markup to be strict or to the excellent template initiative of Boilerpart ( .

But their are other good Pratices to think about when developing for the WEB…One of the things few people talk about is SEO, let’s take a look in to some good pratices for the HTML 5 and is friend SEO.


First of all HTML 5 per sí, is not a solution for every SEO problems and quests. From a usability perspective HTML 5 have the quality to maximize user’s experience without extra plugin’s. This is really good foremost searchbot’s since they could arawl and index our site even if we have a ritch experience (this was a gap in the RIA web app’s based on flash Silverlight and other’s).

Other good notice that HTML 5 brings to SEO are their new Tag’s, let’s take a look at some of them:

  • <article> specifies an independent block of content. The contents of an article tags should be entire self-contained. A blog post or new article could be wrapped in an <article> tag, for example.
  • <section> specifies a subsection of a block of content, such as an <article>. If a blog post was broken into several sections by subheaders, each section could be wrapped with a <section> tag. Just as books have chapters, blocks of content can have section.
  • <header> could server two purposes: (1) to specify the header of a page or (2) to indicate the header section of a self-contained block of content (an <article>). <header> tags might contain navigation, branding or the document headline.
  • <hgroup> is used to wrap a section of headings (<h1> through <h6>). A great example would be an article with both a headline and subheadline at the top:
  • <footer> is a bit like the <header> tag. It could specific the <footer> of an entire HTML document or the footer of an <article>. This may contain things like footer navigation or meta-data about an article (author, data, etc)
  • <nav> is mean to enclose site navigation. This can be used anywhere: main site navigation, previous/next article links, or pagination.
  • <aside> is for content related to the parent element in which is resides, but not strictly part of the main document. In other words,could be used on a website sidebar or it could be used within an <article> for special call outs – like the “did you know” call outs found in many books.
  • <video> is for video content. Its purpose is to provide a cross-browser compatible way to display video.

But this is just one vector of SEO in HTML 5, the other vector is maintain all the good practices you already had in the past.

i will give some off the topic’s i consider as the most important pratices to have at a SEO level that are equal true to HTML 5 as it was in the past.

Use Title Tags

The <title> tag make a web page more meaningful and search-engine friendly. In HTMl 5 consider how this relates with the different outlines you have in a page

Use Descriptive Meta Tags

Meta tags make your web page more meaningful for user agents like search engine spiders.

<meta name="description" content="This blog talks about Technology and how to understand it and live with her" />

The keywords meta attribute contains a comma-separated list of key words and phrases that relate to your web page. These keywords make your web page even more meaningful.

<meta name="keywords" content="type here your important and meanfull keywords" />

attention don’t spam your descriptions and keyword’s.

Minify, Unify and Move Down JavaScript

This is one off the most important rules that many people often forget.

Use Heading Elements in a smart way

Don’t forget that heading have also a related semantic in the outline where they live, so don’t forget to take that in consideration when choosing your headings.


Hope this posts help to ignite your SEO and kill some off the half trues around about HTML 5 and is relation with SEO.

I was invited as a speaker to talk about Offline Webapplication at the private talks of Open software development teams.

Is funny to get back to their stage to talk about Web technologies…In the past they were one of my first class client’s when i was a freelancer core developer.

Thanks for the invite, will be a pleasure to get back, this time to speak about technology in a house where technology and sotware was always viewed as something free and important to make things go futher.


Today i had a great talk with some wordpress developer’s who had a good site of e-commerce, and had seem that rentable site hacked…and all their valuable business ruined…

After that was impossible for me to stop thinking about the subject…And after a big trip of subway i remember some couple of things that answer why so many wordpress sites are hacked.

Sometimes technology create us a fake feeling that everything is easy and we don’t need to think out of the box…Great tools of advertisement and social are like that, but with great power comes great responsibility like spiderman said 😉 .

In this post i will present to you some good security prtaices about WordPress CMS, do your own checklist and when you have an installed wordpress server never forget to check this.

  • When manual installing the WordPress plataform in the wp-config.php file (in the installation named wp-config-sample.php), find the section that deal with the secret keys.  these keys will be added only once…remember this keys will  be the secret to hack your site. Use the link if you want to generate complex passwords. Put that passwords in the wp-config file.
  • Keep your WordPress up to date, is true that this makes you keep working, but enable you also to cover the bugs correction and security walls on.
  • Keep all your secret keys in the wp-config.php file.
  • Hide your WordPress version, this can give some valuable clues to your web presence enemies. Check the file header.php, and if the code “php add_action(‘wp_head’,’wp_generator’)” is there  remove it. This code line outputs the version of WordPress. This represents an additional risk to your site.
  • admin user is comfortable but not a good username. The first thing you should do after installing wordpress should be to create a new user with administration privileges and delete the admin user. This way you hide the administrator, by default the administrator of a wordpress backoffice is admin and every one know that.
  • The My SQL user you create to deal with wordpress should not have to have full writing capabilities in the database engine.
  • Keep your My SQL backups up to date.
  • Your MYSQL users should be aimed with strong passwords.
  • Grant that in every folder of your solution, you have a empty index.php file.
  • Force SSL encryption when logging to the WordPress admin dashboard, do that by adding to the wp-config.php file the following code: define(‘Force_SSL_ADMIN’,true); for this you need to grant also that SSL is supported by your Web Server HOST.
  • Don´t allow the directories of your wordpress core to be avaible for browsing, this is done at your webserver level (apache, internet explorer…).
  • WordPress administration files reside in wp-admin directoryuse .htaccess to restrict access and allow only specific IP address to this directory and file. If you have static IP address and you always blog from your computer, this can be an option. This is done in the .htaccess file in wp-admin with the following code:
    Order Deny,Allow
    Allow from ww.xx.yy.zz
    Deny from all
  • Restrict file access to the contents folder (wp-content directory) this is done on the  .htaccess file with the following instructions
    Order Allow,Deny
    Deny from all
    <files  ?\.(jpg|gif|png|js|css)$? ~>
    	Allow from all
  • There are also some plugin’s who can help you to add an extra layer of security agains sql injection and other atacks i use normally this that’s all for now, with this simple tricks you can add a lot of extra layers of security to your WordPress website and if your site is your life i would strong recommend you to do this. Hope this post can be helpfull.

zon web talks was today

Posted: May 23, 2012 in Events

The presentation went very well is always very good to see eyes blinking when showing tech how she is… without schemes and with a sense of context and respect for other technologies.

Once more i had seen people seeying that HTML5 can help to build a better, more likable and fair web. Next i share with you a link to my presentation.

I really believe that this technology is the future…but it borns and have to be built and teach with a sense of the past and the present.

A special thanks to Hugo Silva of Zon for the invite, is good to be present in the launch of a initiative like this. I had share the stage with a professional that i really admire Hugo Fernandes and he had made a bright Motvational and inspired presentation. I strong advice all of you, if you dont had seen Hugo presenting his “Hi Ideias” to don’t miss the next opportunitie.

Zon Web Talks

Posted: May 20, 2012 in Anouncements, Events, HTML 5

I had received a invite to make a talk at 23 of May, about HTML 5 ignition in the digital world in the private Zon Web Talks. This invite had come from the UX & channel team of Zon, and my name was sugest for the topic by Microsoft Portugal.

” ZON Multimedia, is an operator that has around 1.6 million customers. It manages the country’s largest optical fibre network, reaching over three million homes. ZON is also the second largest provider of internet and fixed voice with 748 thousand customers and 921 thousand, respectively, at the end of 2011. Its digital satellite platform allows it to offer coverage to the whole country. Its 210 cinemas make up the largest network in the country and attract almost ten million cinema-goers a year.”

They had created this Zon Web talks as a way to enable and ignite their internal technicall knowldge about first class technologies, and as a way to form their teams.

Will be a pleasure as a tech speaker to help and a great honour to had been recomended by Microsoft Portugal to share Tech KB that will help People to achieve new goals.

As i had said last week the workshop of EDIT  about Front end dev trends, mobile and HTML 5 that i had been working with Ricardo Melo of Gand Union Portugal, Bruno Abrantes of Quodis and Beatriz Oliveira of Bind, have already start.

Today was the lst day of the workshop. Is fantastic to see that every student had anchieve their goal. Responsive was one of the big names of this workshop and one of the greatest quest of this students. Looks like this part had gone well too and our 27 students are ready for the responsive concept Challeng.

Was hard work to put everything working for this workshop a great effort, and a huge success for us to see people who had come to learn with us had been here 100% until the end of the last day, and always pressing them self out off their comfort zone to learn more.

Good work students a big clap for your effort, for being so capable to learn and to have make us anchieve ou goal give the knowldge and bases so digital ignition hapen.

Thanks also to EDIT for the opportunity and congrats for the excellent way you see teaching Digital