Security issues for ASP.NET developer’s

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Anouncements

The security thinling and validation of security is something that should be in the mind of every Web Developer.

Web developer’s in the .NET stack many times becouse of the ritchness of the server side model forget about this important part of work. So here goes my advice, ensure always that your ASP.NET development answer’s the Following Check List


Is you want to know a litle more about security in ASP.NET i advice you to read the Following post:

If you have time and you want to dig a litle more in these themes i advice you to take a look in the book

Developing more secure 2.0 Applications from Microsoft Press, is a litle old book but still’s an excelent reference for ASP.NET security developer

And don’ t forget the basics, if you garantee some basic good pratices like:

•Security decisions should not rely on client-side validations; they are made on the server side.
•A secure approach to exception management is identified. The application fails securely in the event of exceptions.
•Structured exception handling is used.
•Generic error pages with harmless messages are returned to the client.
•Free form input is sanitized to clean malicious data.
•Application does not rely only on request validation.
You cover a big part off the security problems.
  1. coleterrell says:

    The book which you have mentioned here plays a good part, it cover all the areas that a Asp.Net developer is required to deal with, it provides a practical as well as a perspective guidance with some of the best examples. Both breadth and depth topics are covered in this book on the Asp.Net security.

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