Front end dev trends a nice experience

Posted: May 20, 2012 in Development, Events, Workshops

As i had said last week the workshop of EDIT  about Front end dev trends, mobile and HTML 5 that i had been working with Ricardo Melo of Gand Union Portugal, Bruno Abrantes of Quodis and Beatriz Oliveira of Bind, have already start.

Today was the lst day of the workshop. Is fantastic to see that every student had anchieve their goal. Responsive was one of the big names of this workshop and one of the greatest quest of this students. Looks like this part had gone well too and our 27 students are ready for the responsive concept Challeng.

Was hard work to put everything working for this workshop a great effort, and a huge success for us to see people who had come to learn with us had been here 100% until the end of the last day, and always pressing them self out off their comfort zone to learn more.

Good work students a big clap for your effort, for being so capable to learn and to have make us anchieve ou goal give the knowldge and bases so digital ignition hapen.

Thanks also to EDIT for the opportunity and congrats for the excellent way you see teaching Digital


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