Zon Web Talks

Posted: May 20, 2012 in Anouncements, Events, HTML 5

I had received a invite to make a talk at 23 of May, about HTML 5 ignition in the digital world in the private Zon Web Talks. This invite had come from the UX & channel team of Zon, and my name was sugest for the topic by Microsoft Portugal.

” ZON Multimedia, is an operator that has around 1.6 million customers. It manages the country’s largest optical fibre network, reaching over three million homes. ZON is also the second largest provider of internet and fixed voice with 748 thousand customers and 921 thousand, respectively, at the end of 2011. Its digital satellite platform allows it to offer coverage to the whole country. Its 210 cinemas make up the largest network in the country and attract almost ten million cinema-goers a year.”

They had created this Zon Web talks as a way to enable and ignite their internal technicall knowldge about first class technologies, and as a way to form their teams.

Will be a pleasure as a tech speaker to help and a great honour to had been recomended by Microsoft Portugal to share Tech KB that will help People to achieve new goals.


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