zon web talks was today

Posted: May 23, 2012 in Events

The presentation went very well is always very good to see eyes blinking when showing tech how she is… without schemes and with a sense of context and respect for other technologies.

Once more i had seen people seeying that HTML5 can help to build a better, more likable and fair web. Next i share with you a link to my presentation.

I really believe that this technology is the future…but it borns and have to be built and teach with a sense of the past and the present.

A special thanks to Hugo Silva of Zon for the invite, is good to be present in the launch of a initiative like this. I had share the stage with a professional that i really admire Hugo Fernandes and he had made a bright Motvational and inspired presentation. I strong advice all of you, if you dont had seen Hugo presenting his “Hi Ideias” to don’t miss the next opportunitie.

  1. imhugo says:

    First of all, thank you 🙂
    You pointed one thing that really matters and that I though about it while seeing you talking: your agnostic position about technology. This is how a CTO should be, and you did it. So well done 😉

    • amarreiros says:

      Thank you, i think that this is what any one who really like Technology and want to be better and make better technology each day should think.

      Was a pleasure as always to share the stage with a so competent professional like you are 😉 and is good to read your opinion

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