MeetAzure event resumé

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Events, Windows Azure

I had been following the MeetAzure event that where had been presented the last news and modifications of azure.

There are a lot of good news for azure it pros and developer’s/architect’s, finally i can upload and download VHD’s to the cloud.

It seems also that Microsoft had open even more their frontiers to the open source world, don’t be surprised when you foun that in azure infrastuture servie you could upload virtual machines with Linux or that you can easily build and host websites in azure with PHP node JS or even WordPress and Drupal.

This is all excellent news for the cloud computing paradigm.

I could write an enormous post about this event, but i prefer to show you some material of two great professional’s who had made an excellent resume of the event.

It worths to experiment the new portal management so don’t forget to try that.

If you want to continue to follow the event you just have to follow the link soon they will publish the video of the event





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