Programming Windows 8 with HTML 5 javascript & C#

Posted: July 15, 2012 in Programming, rules, Windows 8

One off the fantastic things about the new Windows Metro Kernel is the language projection that enable us to use almost the same runtime in to different languages the supported language that we prefer.

But…there is always a but isn’t, one-off the reasons to have a set off tools is because tools are made with a propose in mind with a best usage context that is the same story when we are using language programming and technology that’s way we have invented so many.

When developing to Windows 8 apparently many people don´t know that is possible to use in the same app the different languages that windows 8 supports.

This is very powerful and useful especially when using HTML 5 with Javascript. This 2 technologies are very powerful in Windows 8 and consider as a first citizen technologies when talking about building Windows 8 Metro. But Javascript isn’ t Object oriented, Javascript isn’t organized we have different technical approaches to Javascript that allow us to   create this and other skills but we should never go against the nature off a technology or we will louse more than we will gain.

The mix of the best of 2 worlds cn be very powerful when building real powerful apps. Javascript is better for animations ans Jason, but C# is better for security or for long processing quests. In the Programamtic model off windows 8 we can create components in different CLI languages that we can consume from javascript. To do that we should output our file as a WinMDFile, as shown on the figure.

and the we can call our .net functions and classes from the Javascript. This is done from the properties of your project.

Hope this post can be useful, feel free to ask.


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