Sharepoint 2010 Redirect page layout issue

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Issue, Sharepoint 2010

A lot of projects had been implemented by the team where i belong, using Sharepoint 2010 in some of the projects we had found an issue with the outoff the box redirect page.


The first 2 problems we had seen was:

– Absolute URL are saved even when we want to save just the relative url. This is can be a problem when we are in Webapplications that have more then a zone (a typical case in Internet facing projects default zone for editing + internet zone for clients).

– When a new page with redirect page layout is checkin or publish the page it loses the redirect url field value.

Both problems have workarounds and until know the answer to both problems by the support team as been using that workarounds. In the first case the solution passes by using absolute URL’s and to be edit in the extension that will be present to the public clients. In the second case there are two public workarounds:

1. Save it and check in it at your site > pages library .

2. A powershell script that solves at a content database level the problem and that should be run when a new redirection page is created.

After a couple of discussions about this topic in my Sharepoint projects we will use a different approach creating or own PageLayout for redirection cases. This is what i will suggest to every one who is at this time starting a new public internet facing project.

It seems that this old issue was not until now considered a topic to be addressed in a cumulative update so as a protection in the projects you develop is to not use this kind of features with known issues.



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