WordPress and Mobile development

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Development, Wordpress

WordPress is one of the hottest topics in web development today, and web mobile stills on the topic of the agenda. Can this to hot technologies live and help each other?! This is one of the questions i ear more in my WordPress and Web Trends conversation.

And the answer is yes let’s take a look in a way to do this.

To use WordPress development as an enabler of Web Mobile you can consider 3 different approaches.

1. Use responsive design in your Theme development

Responsive Design is a method that is ideal when you wish to adapt the user experience of your desktop version but mantaining almost all the content you have in the desktop version.

What you need to do to transform your Theme in to a responsive theme? You need to study what’s the user expectation when interacting from mobile devices with you WebSite and understand what wouldn’t have sex appeal in diferent screen sizes. Focus on the user expectation. You need also to work on your images and fonts in a way they adapt to the diferent resolutions and needs. You will also use CSS Media Queries to easily enable or adapt your Theme.

2. Create a Mobile Theme

Many times the UX that the user expects in your case and the need off your business can force us to think that only one site will not answer our prays in that cases maybe you should consider diferente Layout and functional aproaches depending the devices in this case you would have a diferente theme for your mobile devices. To do this you will need to use a “mobile Switsh” this can be made by a redirection in your code or using some plugin’s that make that switch for you consider looking to WordPress Mobile Pack or to WPtap Mobile Detector.


3. Use the community work and work with plugins that help you to easly enable Mobile development using WordPress

This is what i consider the quicker road and i think that every WordPress nowadays that doesn’t have a specific Mobile Target should implemente, just in case. This aproach is the most appropriated in the cases that you have a WebSite that is more about content then the rest. In this case you should consider plugins.

The ones i normal use are

WordPress Mobile Pack can be used as a mobile switcher has a mobile interface for editing posts.

WPtouch, displays your content is a mobile friendly way when the mobile switch is done.

I hope this helps to understand how to position your wordpress in to the mobile world, soon i will post some exemples of the first and second aproach that i had explain in this post.


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