Windows 8 and Shortkeys

Posted: August 30, 2012 in Windows 8

Yesterday i had been side by side with a colleague who is using Windows 8 just with the Keyboard and o start thinking that this for a great part of user’s can be a problem when working without a mouse.

Thinking about that i decided to post every keyboard shortcuts of Windows 8 that i know.



Here they go:

  • Win , Any key  – Start Screen and then Search Applications Screen
  • Win + Q –  Another way to get to the Search Applications Screen.
  • Win+D – Desktop
  • Win+X – Administrative Tools
  • Alt-Tab – Switch between Apps
  • Win-Tab – Switch between Full Screen Apps “Metro applications only”
  • Win+W – Search Control Panel and Settings stuff
  • Win+F – Search Files
  • Win+C – Charms (right side menu) then arrows to move and enter to launch.
  • Win + Z – opens the App Bar for the current Metro application.
  • Win + H – opens the Metro Share panel.
  • Win , Esc – If you hit the Windows Key, you can hit Escape to go back.
  • Win+L – Lock Computer
  • Win+K – Devices
  • Win+E – Explorer
  • Win+R – Run
  • Win+(period) – Alternate sides to “snap” Metro Apps. Add shift to reverse it.
  • Ctrl+Scroll – Can Name Groups
  • Win+Plus  – Magnifier/Zoom In
  • Win+Minus – Magnifier/Zoom Out
  • Win+Arrows – Snap desktop apps to the sides
  • Win+PageUp or Win+PageDn – Move full screen apps to other monitors




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