Days After Windows 8 DevCamp

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Events, Windows 8

Has been very grateful to receive so good feedback and so many questions after my participation in the Microsoft event last Monday.


There were so much Questions and interaction after the event with the assistance that i decided to publish some materials related with the built-in controls session that i had present.


So here goes some material i have used and some material for your study.


The samples i had use at my session are public and you can download them from


Many people had ask me about the Windows store submission in the following link you have the Checklist of the different topics to consider

And the agreement of the store can be found

The store can be accessed by the link


I Would strong advice you to start the registration off your app as soon as possible in the project timeline to grant the name you wish for your app.


About the presentation i had done many people ask if there were recordings of the session? The session wasn’t recorder so if you wish to listen the session again you can ask me to repeat or you can see some other good sessions that were presented world-wide about the theme. I would suggest you the link:

Any question about Windows 8 Controls or Windows 8 you have feel free to contact me will be a pleasure to help you with your doubts.

A special thanks to all the interaction in the event and the feedback and interest for the session



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