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Hi folks,

Microsoft had finally released the Windows Phone 8 SDK i had spend the last 3 nights looking to the platform programming model and i am now trying to connect the dots between this platform and Windows 8 ;).

As soon i have some time i will start to pass some of my notes to posts sharing the KB to all the community.

Until then i let you with to important links the SDK and the official development website platform:

And finally to remember the platform presentation event




The engines already running and me and the rest of the Workshop Trainer’s crew are ready for the second edition of the Edit Workshop in Lisbon Portugal.

If it wasn’t possible for you to grant your seat, soon we will made this WorkShop again at Porto Portugal.

For tomorrow we had made a review of the workshop program to grant that the workshop becomes more fluid, and to maintain it consistent with the today Trends.

From this side we are very motivated for tomorrow and wishing to give to our students the best we can. For the ones going to the workshop tomorrow see you tomorrow for the rest we will keep our engines running and bringing you the last Trends and associated Knowledge.

To know more about this initiative go to the Edit Web Site

One of many questions about Windows 8 is how to get the device ID, believe or not is not straightforward and for a long time i even ear many times that this wasn’t even possible. Apparently after RTM this becomes possible.

Many times you need this to grant:

-push notification correct behavior

-to grant that a authenticated app is running from some specific device (can be applied many times to bank and finance problems)

The Device ID is many times called App Specific Hardware ID or ASHWID in windows 8 language.


Today digging around to find the answer i found this great post of Wade Wegner that show us how to get this information in C#, you can read the article here You can also find a more complete description on Windows 8 specification


Basically in C# what you need to do is something similar to

private string GetHardwareId()
    var token = HardwareIdentification.GetPackageSpecificToken(null);
    var hardwareId = token.Id;
    var dataReader = Windows.Storage.Streams.DataReader.FromBuffer(hardwareId);

    byte[] bytes = new byte[hardwareId.Length];

    return BitConverter.ToString(bytes);

In WinJS you would have something similar to

function getHardwareId(outId){
    var token = Windows.System.Profile.HardwareIdentification.getPackageSpecificToken(nonce);
    var hardwareId =;
    var signature = packageSpecificToken.signature;
    var certificate = packageSpecificToken.certificate;
    outId = hardwareId;


Hope this information can be useful for you.


HTML 5 reading material

Posted: October 11, 2012 in HTML 5

Sometime ago at the ReadWriteWeb site it was sugested some good material for study HTML 5.


So if you are interested in HTML 5 i strong recommend you to take a look at


Seee also some of the resources that the portuguese HTML 5  community had select for you

Preparation for Windows 8 certification

Posted: October 11, 2012 in Windows 8

If you are thinking to take the certification on Windows 8 development, today will be aviable a free event for you.


The Microsoft DPE releases a online training and quick star ignition for Windows 8.


You can take a look at


It looks like a good chance for the ones who are begining in Windows 8 or preparing for certification.

WordPress for beginner’s

Posted: October 11, 2012 in Development, Wordpress

Today i had been asked by a friend for what would be good references to start to develop in WordPress. I have compiled some usefull links and i decided to share them right now here, so here you have:


Theme reseller’s and Theme inspiration

SDK reference

WordPress and Portuguese WordPress community

One of the common questions related with  Windows 8 Store is how to change the store you use.

There are some myths about that, like:

– The store works based on your Operation System Language

– The store you open is related with the culture of your Windows account (like what happens in Windows Phone 7.1)

– You are allowed to use only one store, that is configured when you install your operating System

Now that we had seen some of the Myths i earth until now let’s see the true facts. In Windows 8 is possible to change the store you use based on the location you choose for your System. So believe or not after read this post you can get apps from any store. This can be very interesting since some software publisher’s only put their app’s in some market’s.

Firs go to search charms and look for the change culture option

After that select change location, you will be redirected to the desktop where you can choose your location

After that when you enter in the store next time you will find the store of the location you have choosen.