Nice Windows 8 WinJS tutorial

Posted: October 2, 2012 in Windows 8

Today while i was trying to find a method  for a WinJS method in MSDN, and i had fall in to a nice tutorial about Windows 8 development. This wasn’t solve my problema and i must confess that this article had not made me a better Windows 8 WinJS knower.

But and that’ sthe reason i post about this article, this is deffenitly the article i would like to had read in my first hand’s on lab of Windows 8 so for the one’s who are begining the Windows 8 with WinJS journey i recommend you to take a look in to this article.

All the credit’s of this article to CodeProject and to Shai Raiten.


Another good serie of Tutorial’s about the same theme that i would also recommend you can find at:

  1. bob says:

    shit as you only provide lins, proberly steal these of other sites, waste of space

    • amarreiros says:

      Thank you for your comment Bob. This post as a result of a problem i had and that lead me to this articles i thought it would be important to share this so others that follow me can esily go to that information. But all the credits of that post goes to the article writers. Once you had come to my blog to this specific post do you have any problem with WINJS? maybe i can help you or lead you to someone who can do that.

      thanks in advance

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