Windows 8 Quick Tips (change your store)

Posted: October 11, 2012 in Windows 8

One of the common questions related with  Windows 8 Store is how to change the store you use.

There are some myths about that, like:

– The store works based on your Operation System Language

– The store you open is related with the culture of your Windows account (like what happens in Windows Phone 7.1)

– You are allowed to use only one store, that is configured when you install your operating System

Now that we had seen some of the Myths i earth until now let’s see the true facts. In Windows 8 is possible to change the store you use based on the location you choose for your System. So believe or not after read this post you can get apps from any store. This can be very interesting since some software publisher’s only put their app’s in some market’s.

Firs go to search charms and look for the change culture option

After that select change location, you will be redirected to the desktop where you can choose your location

After that when you enter in the store next time you will find the store of the location you have choosen.

  1. Martin says:

    Thank you very much! I can see that there are many apps in the US store, that are not in the Danish section 🙂

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