Azure and Windows 8

Posted: November 9, 2012 in Architecture, Architecture, Windows 8, Windows Azure

Many people had been asking around why the surface and some other tablets that will be powered by Windows 8 have a little percentage of available memory.

As far as i am concern i think this is not a fail but a vision of the new times, Cloud is here do we really need big disk’s if we are almost always conected?

The next question that some people ask me in the developer quorum is “Ok so i guess i can store my data on skydrive azure and that’s all”, that kind of reaction made me think yesterday.

Maybe people hadn’t seen yet how they can connect Windows 8 and Azure and what amazing things can be made for our app in the cloud.

So i would suggest all to read the blog post of Bruno Terkaly on of the Microsoft developer’s evangelist’s

If you are around Porto and go to the Microsoft Portugal WAWZapp event,  Nuno Silva a Microsoft Technical evangelist will also talk about these theme bu not only thinking in Windows 8 but also in the new Windows Phone 8.



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