Become a ninja in Windows Phone 8

Posted: December 9, 2012 in Windows Phone 8

As many of you may now i had been studying Windows phone 8 since last month. Windows Phone is a mobile platform that i truly admire for the implementation choices and for the ecosystem we can create when having Windows Phone 8, Azure and Windows 8.

At this time after a month doing hand’s on labs and studying i would be ready to write a series of post about the technologies or to shoot a deck of slides with a resume of what’s new. But in this case i think is a better choice to show you the excellent resources already available, that i think everyone who want to become a ninja in Windows Phone 8 should consider in his start.


First off all get the Windows phone 8 SDK:

To get a high level presentation of the new platform:

A entire channel 9 course to give you all the guidelines and show you whats inside the box and how to use that:

keep in mind the site of this technology website

And if you are like me a person who like to start the tests with a virtual machine you can try this recipe to build your development enviroment


Windows phone 8 training

finally for the ones like me that wish to understand how cross windows 8 + windows phone 8 app’s can be

If you have any question or need some help in your learning path fell free to ask.


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