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Virtual Card

Posted: January 31, 2013 in Anouncements

After some suggestions i had decide to share my competencies virtual card with the development community, And i think was an interesting result. professional m$ card One final thought with this process i found that my Microsoft certification transcription file was incomplete, Microsoft learning program will correct the problem soon.

In 21 January i had participate as speaker in the APP Swipe Microsoft event, as i said in the previous post my presentation was about TypeScript.

If you are interested in the script of my presentation and the code demos i had made you can get them from:

If you want to have access to other session artifacts you can get them from:



Tomorrow i will be at Microsoft Portugal speaking in an event named Windows 8 App Swipe. In this event the main goal is to show code and let the slides deck at home, i think it we will have a motivated and curious audience (to know more about the event go to ).

Windows 8 App Swipe (Devs)

At my demo session i will play and show to the audience something that has been really refreshing to learn in the past 4 months TypeScript.

Tomorow i will post the code i had used in the event and the presentation script.

(For the ones who don’t know yet typescript i had share in the past a tech presentation i had done in the academy sometime ago can get it from my SlideShare

The main reference of this language can be found at TypeScript Specification.)

The Windows 8 Apps with XAML and C# Unleashed  publisher had ask me some months ago to help in the review of Adam Nathan book.

Windows 8 Apps with XAML and C# Unleashed

I must confess when I begin to read the book to make a review, my expectations wasn´t to high.

But it was a nice surprise. This is one of the most refreshing technical books I had read lately. I had learn a lot with the author, who reveal himself in each chapter a great teacher.

I had been in the front line of Windows Store apps development, since the release of the first beta of windows 8, i have at the moment a lot of code developed for windows 8, and a lot of work in mentoring/Teaching of Windows 8. This is now the book I would recommend to anyone who want to learn Windows 8 mindset and development using XAML/C# for the operating system.

This book is a great knowledge asset for beginners or advanced developers. I would like to had read this book sooner and I am sure I would had quick learning curve of Windows store aps Xaml/C# development.

Is a true high class technical Book.

Edit Open Day 2013

Posted: January 13, 2013 in Anouncements, Events

I had spend this weekend collaborating with EDIT a Criative\UX\Technological professional Portuguese school in an event. From time to time EDIT allow the community to have access to some specialized free Workshops and some conferences, they call this event Open DAY.

The first day of the event was based on conferences, in this event they had as speaker’s Carlos Matias, Art Director of Nike in AKQA that had shown what nike had been doing, then we had Vasco Durão a Brand Strategy Director na Mola Ativism that had presented a excelent talk, João Vitória, Head Of Emerging Media na Fullsix Group, Mário Alcântara, Head Of Digital na DDB Lisboa.

I had been also speaker in this event, my talk was about how the concepts of Windows 8 UX can help us to build other apps and build better experiences for the users. You can get the slides of my talk from

Today i was teaching on a Workshop about Responsive frameworks, was supposed to have 10 persons for training but only 4 had been present, was good it was almost a one 2 one training. If you want  you can get the material from

At the same time of my workshop there had been another workshops, with big references of the Portuguese Digital Panorama like:

  • João Vitoria teaching about digital campaigns
  • Daniel Caeiro teaching about social media marketing
  • Susana Vilaça teaching about UX in the digital panorama
  • Francisco Contel-Martins teaching about Mobile Interfaces

Was a nie experience in the two days and is always very inspiring to be part of a knowledge share and to help  others in the Digital Community. An event i hope that keeps happening