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This video has to be seen for all the people who are interested in digital design and computer. The man behind the thoughts of this video is Bill Buxton one of my must important references, hope you learn so much with him like i already had

Bill Buxton, principal researcher @MSFTResearch on ubiquitous computing, creativity &amp; design.<br />

Today i had spent sometime reading a new e-book redgate published, this book talks about a lot off common performance issues ASP.NET developer’s face everyday. Being in the front line of development since 12 years i had found this e-book extremely interesting, have a nice read and findings


you can get the book from:


3fitness new website

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Anouncements

3 f itness is a website of a Portuguese Personal trainner that give tompeople all the information needed to start a physic evolution path in a healthy way. Some years ago i start a partnership with 3fitness to help them to use the digital channels to get to more people.

This week as the first step of the evolution to the digital world of 3fitness we had launch the new website all implemented by me using a responsove aproach and wordpress as the cms plataforma.


Had a view in and enjoy a lot of good Reading and advices i hope you all so had a good user experience

Last Monday i was invited by Microsoft to be at Universidade do Minho (one of the most important Computer Academies in Portugal) in 4/03/2013 to speak about Windows 8 and teach how to develop a Windows Store APP  in a Workshop of Windows 8.

Was an excellent experience and i have to admit that this institute has a lot of talent and all that is needed to be one of the most important technological schools of Europe.

Thank you Microsoft for the opportunity to share Knowledge and thanks Universidade do Minho LEI students for the nice reception. hope to see soon some of your apps 😉



Last year i had collaborate with a very interesting digital school named EDIT. From time to time EDIT lead an event named Open Day. The principal mission of this event is to show to the community professional and students what is being done on the digital society, the message is deliver by some professionals EDIT elects from Digital society.


This year was a pleasure to make part of this project with a workshop about responsive design and a presentation on the main event about Winodws ui UX and ideas.

I decide to with to main goals:

  • Challenge the player’s of EDIT to do something similar to the event;
  • Congrats EDIT for the excellent event;
  • To tell the community about EDIT and to present to my reader’s this fine initiative;

Final note:

Thanks EDIT for this and for the ones who couldn’t be in the event where goes a overview of what had been the event

EDIT. Open Day 2013 // Highlights from EDIT. on Vimeo.