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I was invited by Microsoft and ISEL Tech 2013 organization, to give the perspective and practice of Windows 8 development at the ISEL Tech 2013 event.

ISEL Tech is a open eyes and minds technology event of one of the best Computer Engineer Schools in Portugal ( I am a suspect saying this once i had study in this academy), that happens once a year.

win8 workshop



Will be a great pleasure to get back to ISEL to speak and teach how to program in one of my favorite platforms, only good ingredients a excellent piece of computer engineer and a excellent school. I wish this workshop help all the attendee to enter in the Windows 8 development world using the big door.

Is good to be back to ISEL to learn and teach about technology.

Today i was helping a MSP with some of his ASP.NET project problems. One off the bigger problems he had was how to quickly bring some kind of authentication/ authorization to his WebApp.

So i had spend some time explaining and showing how to use this fantastic ASP.NET feature. After a while i receive a new call from my friend asking why he couldn’t do what he had seen with me.

I ask him what’s the problem he are running in to? If it was something with the creation of user’s or the membership  part of the solution?

He had answer that the problem was on the database creation part,

And he had email me the screen shoot of the problem

errorAfter some time trying to understand what was the problem that takes the sql form register fail ( you can run the wizard of creation the authentication database by using the command C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\aspnet_regsql.exe ), i’ discover that was a difference between what my friend was doing and what we had done together.

The difference was that José was using SQL Azure as the database backend. When using SQL AZURE as the database of ASP.NET forms authentication the way we prepare the database is different. When preparing the database in a on premises situation you use the following command

aspnet_regsql -S [your server name] -d [your database name] -U [your user name]@[your server name] -P [your password] -A mr

This make a call to the visual studio creation wizard, that is not prepared for the azure databases, so in cases where you have SQL Azure as the Database Engine of your forms authentication database you should download a special tool to your intent, this tool can be found at , after unziping the tool you run the command:

aspnet_regsqlazure -s [your server name] -d [your database name] -u [your user name]@[your server name] -p [your password] -a mr

And you are ready to develop your forms authentication solution using azure as the database engine.


If you need to know more about forms authentication in go to:

Windows 8 charts toolkit

Posted: May 12, 2013 in Windows 8

If you need to design some Charts for windows 8 in codeplex you  can find a fine library that can help you a lot to achieve that task in a easy way.