Review of C# 5.0 UNLEASHED by Bart De Smet

Posted: August 22, 2013 in .NET, Books, C#
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I had the pleasure to made a technical review of the book C# 5.0 unleashed some months ago, now that the book is already publish and for sale i can share my opinion with you all about this book, that promises to be a language reference book.





A excellent Programming language Book

When asked to make a review of this book, i had accept the challenge and i must confess I was not sure i will read a book with so quality like this.

Is no easy to explain a programming language that is in it’s 5 generation, and keep the reader full immersed until the end of the book especially in a so technical book like this and especially when the reader is me who had learn C# at so long time ago and have already using C# 5.0 at about a year.

I would recommend this book for all the developer’s that are now starting to learn C# and for the ones who hadn’t been working with the language for some time.

For the other’s i think this is a good reference book to quickly understand deep the new features of the language.

If i have to train new professionals in C# today definitely this would be the book i would chose as my recommended C# 5.0 book.

But take some attention that this is a CLI language book and not a .NET platform insider book, for that effect the choice should be other



I Would like to thanks to Bart to Pearson Company and to SAMS the opportunity to read in first hand this book and was a pleasure to help with the review. I sincerely hope to see more good technical books like this in the market.


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