Speak at the Developer’s day in Fidelidade

Posted: September 15, 2013 in Anouncements

Sem TítuloLast Friday i had the pleasure to speak in na event dedicated to the developer’s of Fidelidade. Fidelidade is one of the major security brands in Portugal and had made last fridaya event dedicated to their IT Business managers and developer’s with a great focus on development and technology.



I was very happy to see that a big company like Fidelidade made a event entire dedicated to the people like us who put the hands on conde to do magic. My presentation was aboit Mobile technologies and the actual market and development status quo.


A presententation to explain the kernel of the major mobile OS (IOS, Android, Windows ) Trends and best pratices about apps and mobile development we also had take a look about the choices a developer should made before implemente na APP and what are the lternetives we have to build no native apps using frameworks.

If you want to take a look at the slides used in this presentation go to: http://www.slideshare.net/amarreiros/pragmatic-mobile-apps-choices-frameworks-and-dev

If you want to know more about fidelidade go to their site: http://www.fidelidade.pt/



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