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10 usability heuristics

Posted: December 17, 2013 in UX

Todas i was researching some material for a workshop i will gave in January with the title ”UX4developers” and i rediscovery an excelent resource that i share now with you

Ten Usability Heuristics by Jakob Nielsen

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Since i start studying engineer i remember to ear that technology future would be about the toaster talking with the fridge and the weather making our home wall change. No i not talking about domotica i am talking about smart object integrations using a standard protocol and a common bus.

Since at least a year a new concept had arrive to the web and with him some Buzz Words and some shining eyes over the future. I had been studying and researching a little about this new (old) thing named Internet of Things.

I truly believe this will have a fast growth and decisive change effect over our society equal or greater then Web or Smarthphones. For the one who have not yet seen nothing about this i recommend you to take a look at the following articles:





My new travel companion

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Anouncements
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Every day i do a train trip of almost 2 hours, i have a new book with me that i suggest to all that want to really understand a lot about Web mindset, pattern’s Trends UX and development.

I am talking about the new Smashing Magazine book i have not read all yet, but each page i had read had worth each second and has been great until now to remember and learn.

I think this can be a good Weapon on your KB arsenal, don’t miss! 😉


Responsive Meetup

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Events, presentations

Last friday we had the first event full dedicated to responsive web development in Portugal.
Was at the EDIT school and was a blast, lot off interested people in the theme and a lot
of knowledge Sharing. This event was in Portuguese language and had been streamed live using
Ustream, soon i will post some videos here.

I had spoken in also in a talk  at this event. My role was to talk about Responsive mindset and the advantages
of a Mobile first approach. Essentially one of the biggest messages to pass at this event
was the process of doing really responsive.

you can get my slide deck from slideshare @ .

Was a very good session with great speakers and an enthusiastic professional audience. I hope i had
pass the message of the importance of the right approach to responsive, that responsive is
not the solution for all and the importance of the working process and team Work (and yes the
client and the client of our client are part of the team)

Blogging Activity

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Anouncements

Hi There,

I had been out of blogging activities lately.

The reasons are essentially related with a lot of work.
Last months had been fire at the company where i have the CTO role with a lot of
big projects happening and a agile team (i am proud of all you boys and to be part
of this adventure) who are doubling his effort each day, and winning a lot of battles
to mutch battles for so few soldiers.

I am also teaching a course of Responsive Web Development and design, and studying and
researching a lot.

Also have been implementing some projects as freller, and reviewing a Sharepoint 2013 book.

So as you all can see, i had been sailing in some turbulent seas lately.

But we have some material and knowledge to share resulting of th researches new works and
technical adventures.

So  let’s turn the ignition on.