Blogging Activity

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Anouncements

Hi There,

I had been out of blogging activities lately.

The reasons are essentially related with a lot of work.
Last months had been fire at the company where i have the CTO role with a lot of
big projects happening and a agile team (i am proud of all you boys and to be part
of this adventure) who are doubling his effort each day, and winning a lot of battles
to mutch battles for so few soldiers.

I am also teaching a course of Responsive Web Development and design, and studying and
researching a lot.

Also have been implementing some projects as freller, and reviewing a Sharepoint 2013 book.

So as you all can see, i had been sailing in some turbulent seas lately.

But we have some material and knowledge to share resulting of th researches new works and
technical adventures.

So  let’s turn the ignition on.


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