Responsive Meetup

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Events, presentations

Last friday we had the first event full dedicated to responsive web development in Portugal.
Was at the EDIT school and was a blast, lot off interested people in the theme and a lot
of knowledge Sharing. This event was in Portuguese language and had been streamed live using
Ustream, soon i will post some videos here.

I had spoken in also in a talk  at this event. My role was to talk about Responsive mindset and the advantages
of a Mobile first approach. Essentially one of the biggest messages to pass at this event
was the process of doing really responsive.

you can get my slide deck from slideshare @ .

Was a very good session with great speakers and an enthusiastic professional audience. I hope i had
pass the message of the importance of the right approach to responsive, that responsive is
not the solution for all and the importance of the working process and team Work (and yes the
client and the client of our client are part of the team)


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