Happy New Year

Posted: January 2, 2014 in Anouncements

Was a very long run this year. But was a good year, i had the opportunity to take in to actions the passion i have for my work and for the Software and digital industry.

Was a year full of presentations, public speeches as Tech Trainer and speaker as self employee. 12 Technical Workshops in 4 different schools and one a “solo”. A lot of projects as Software engineer for USA and Portugal.

Was also a year to consolidate the technical Team i lead on my main work as CTO.

Was a good year studying also, i had the opportunity to study from scratch 3 new technologies and to have ux classes.

For 2014 i have the feeling will be a great year to continue engaging my passion in good work i will be proud, i feel also that will be a year to initiate new cycles.

Will be a year where i will keep  asking and trying to dig each thing where i put my mind, a year to keep igniting the digital spectrum usage, around me. I would like also to thank’s all our reader’s and follower’s for the support and engagement.

For 2014 i would like to ask you to  feel free for asking always and comment when you need. For our partners in project you can count with a crescent increase in passion, engagement and dedication i hope this means also a increase in quality and final result.



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