Spoke at 44 meting of NetPonto

Posted: January 18, 2014 in Events, Windows 8.1

Today once again i had the opportuinty to talk on one off the Mocrosoft technology Portuguese community named netponto.

Was a good experience, i had share the stage with Sara Silva a WP MVP, who had made a presentation about Cimbalino tolkit (http://cimbalino.org/) Who had made a very interesting hands on presentation.

The main idea of my session today, was to do something different, to explore why use HTML and CSS as the frontend language of Windows 8.1 development. In the session we had demystify some of the wrong ideas of Windows 8 development with HTML.

Was a good to have the opportunity to discuss with my peers this topics, and see that the audience was able to discuss, was all so very pleasant to do this session, because after 3 years speaking about Windows Store Development i feel that  the community would like to discuss the why and How. We had also explore some architecture parts of the platform.

Was not a peaceful session since in the begining i had some problems to project from my computer and had to change to a new one, in this passage i had some troubles then to open the examples on Visual Studio.

I hope my audience had take from this session the needed information to unerstand thatHTML  is a really first cityzen in the Windows 8.1 platform. I hope the audience had understand the opportunities HTML brings to app development.

You can get the slides from this session on slideshare

AS always was a really pleasure to be back at a so honour stage like it is the neponto, thank you all.


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