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Last week someone had ask me for some tools and good resources for helping him with his old sharepoint projects that were not yet migrated.

I had send him back the list of resources i8 had been using and some developments where i had collaborate. So here it goes some of the best references for you to use  on your projects. Some of them are also a good choice when used in Sharepoint 2013



SPSite Lokup

Multiple providers Authenticattion

sharepoint search xslt configurations
Taxonomie deploys


development frameworks
developer dashboard

start and stop Sharepoint

Google analytics integration Sharepoint

Newsletter Generator

sharepoitn factory

Tools for kick solutions satartup


I hope this information can be so useful for you, as it had been for me in the last years

Last Saturday Windows Azure had a WorldWide BootCamp, a nice opportunity to know more about Azure and ti participate in a crowd research project (know more at


Portugal was no exception and @ Microsoft Portugal people had explore the for what the what and the how to use Windows Azure, in a event with some interesting Technical Talks and also some Technicall experiments and coaching (know more at


I Had the pleasure to speak at this event about Mobile Services is the third time i make a conference speaking about the theme and showing how easy and usefull this service can be in cutting edge development. You can find my slides at

Was a great pleasure to be with some of my old partners and colleagues, sharing the stage with some of the more fantastic speakers of our market and some of the greatest specialist of Azure in Portugal.

Thank you for the opportunity to show once again how to make our work easy and show what’s behind the courtains of a so interesting technology. And for my readers a uestion Are you already using Mobile Services?

I was invited to Speak about HTML 5 state of the art at the Document Freendom day 2014 in ISCTE last saturday.


Was interesting to be in a event about standards and open formats. Was a great opportunity to see what is being done lately in the adoption of standards and open formats in Portugal.

Was also great to had the opportunity to speak the importance of the web as a open channel to integrate and communicate and how mobile and what is the big importance of standards and mobile in the communication.

The most interesting part off being a speaker at this event was the opportunity to bring the accessibility and mobility issues to a community that is so worry about the garanty  that knowldge is free and should be preserved.

Was also my first time speaking in a ISCTE event and was great to be there, you can see the used slides at

To know about open formats and the work that is being done in Portugal you should go to ANSOL