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Free light technical ebooks

Posted: July 8, 2014 in Anouncements

Many developers and development researcher’s need have a quick but strong KB to decide if this technology is a go for you or not.

Some times  Succinctly is the way to start.

Syncfusion had release some straight foward technicam ebooks that help us to have a first overview over development technologies in a succinctly way but granting a strong core knowldge, i recomend you to take a look at:





Last Month Microsoft Potugal had invite me to make 2 sessions at the Microsoft Tech Refresh an event to show the development community what’s new and what’s caming next you can have a look ate the agenda in the figure


I was responsible for the deliver of the sessions  Web Application Development using WinJs and Universal Apps Development using HTML 5 and WinJS.

Was a good experience once more i had discover that few people had explore and know the really potential to use HTMl and WinJS on the development of Windows store apps. Was a great event and i was blessed with a great audience in my sessions very interested people with the potential to raise a technical discussion taht will lead them to learn more.

Thanks Microsoft Portugal for this amazing opportunity and a special thanks to the technical community taht once more had recieve me very well at the stage.

You can find the resources of this sessions at my slideshare.

Point of situation

Posted: July 7, 2014 in Anouncements

Hi there,


There had been a crazy months a lot of work and new projects, between my major technical role at Innovagency and my personal projects and workshops there had been few moments to write here.

Now i will start to post some of the adventures and digs i had been doing.

As a starting point to the state of the moment i had

At the full day corner:

  • 2 hard months with the  teams i belong at Innovagency  with some good wins

At the technical  personal corner:

  • Been speaking in 3 conferences some of them i will write here later
  • 2 Lob apps planing
  • Teaching once more at a course of Responsive Web design
  • Starting a technical  book