Microsoft MVP for the Windows Platform Development

Posted: October 6, 2014 in Anouncements



“This is a recognition that Microsoft gives because he believes that technical communities enhance people’s lives and the industry’s success because independent experts, help others extract greater value from products and technologies through the free and objective exchange of knowledge.Microsoft MVP are part of a highly select group of experts that represent technology’s best and brightest.”

October was the month to get back from Holidays, and was also a month to have some good surprises. After some weeks enjoying the rest of the warrior and the nice company of my lovely wife i ‘come back to the digital ecosystem, in my e-mail some nice surprises were waiting for me.

I received a nomination as Microsoft DevCamp Trainer for the second time and i received an unexpected  MVP recognition for the Windows Platform Development.

Knowing some great professionals round the globe with this distinction being some of them the bright minds i know in our industry, and being some of them great references for me, is very inspiring as independent to receive this award.

Will be great  and inspire to have the opportunity to work shoulder on shoulder with some of other distinct colleagues to help our industry to achieve new goals,

This recognition belongs especially to all who work directly or indirectly with me, and the ones who had help me to achieve my value especially my love ones (all the patient and love that my lovely wife gives me every day), my colleagues in the different job roles i have nowadays (specially to Innovagency where i have my full-time Job),  to the technical communities i belong and that help me to achieve new knowledge and collaboration stages. Also a special word to Microsoft DPE who had support my chase for technical knowledge and real world expertise.

I will keep my track  and i will keep working to achieve new stages and to collaborate with the ones around me (clients, colleagues, students and communities peers) to become each day  a little better.

Thanks for the recognition is an honour


  1. Vitor Tomaz says:

    Congrats 🙂

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