Self Organization and Produtivity

Posted: October 13, 2014 in Tools
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As some of you already know i had been a development freelancer in the past fortunately well succeeded.

Today i had read an fantastic article from Christina Avampato that i most highlight, because is one of the most important things in our industry special after the agile born to have a clear plan about your time and how to use it.

Is  important for frellers is one of the most important soft skills of contracted ones, and  something without you can live if you have the 2 roles (seeing myself on the minor).

From Christina article i would elect the following rules as essential:

leave space on the Calendar (your manager will always battle against this as your Ego )

– Schedule it

– Keep your skills Sharp

To have a full picture of this things and others that Christina explains like a master go to the link:

I would like also to suggest you the read of one-off the most spectacular books about this topic:

Other thing that can really help you are productivity tools, and to help you with that i will pass the topic to other 2 great articles that are aligned with what we are talking about ( from great authors):

I wish you a nice read and i hope this articles can help you as they had help me in the past, maybe one of this days i write also something about this topics, but right now i let this to the specialists


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