GitHub as a source control tool

Posted: January 20, 2015 in Anouncements
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I had been using GitHub as a source control tool for some years, every time i have a new person working with me over GitHub or a on premise Git installation we have a problem of what documentation to give him to really start their engines in using git.

I don´t know if you had the same feeling?!

But even with the need of adjustment especially for developers and scrum masters who came from more complete tools like Microsoft TFS.



If at this stage you are using Git or if you had the need to explain Git to someone i would suggest you to take a look at this material that had been a great help to help to bring developers especially experience developers that are used to other types of source control and junior developers that are starting to use version control.

Git Immersion – A good website for the ones who want to know conceptual structure of Git but need a step by step help to start using and have a quick need of tart using Git for work.

Pro Git – a very complete ebook, that explain in a clear way the conceptual structure of Git and the way you can use. A great book for who have the need to have a strong KB about Git.

You can also get from slideshare my hands on lab and slides used in my workshops about source code with Git

I hope this information is so value for you as had been to me in the past and present times.



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