Windows 10 one more chapter

Posted: January 22, 2015 in Anouncements, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8
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It was with excitement that i spend this day, i was curious to see the faces of my tech colleagues and pals when a new chapter of Windows 10 would be revealed.

see everything about the today’s event at:

Today a litle more of Windows 10 had been shown to the world. The hot topics of yesterday presentation and anoucements were:

Delivering Windows as a service

A free upgrade to Windows 10

The New experiences that Windows 10 brings

Was also a good opportunity to answer the doubts about what will happen to the Universal Windows Store App’s that many had been asking on the community.

Cortana and other usability and IA add ons were the bright sars of the presentation, also the gesture and agmented reality had been exposed.

In the past i was to say that Windows 8 was made for people was the first step to achieve what Windows 10 will continue. Persons are not all the same needs are different and personification and personalization on the digital is the track to unify digital and reality.

Just one more thought about yesterday presentation Terry Myerson was a giant on the stage, you can read also his excellent post explaining each step of this next chapter on

Windows 10 is each day closer to the user and with more information out here we will start to present the most tricky and techy things here.

Had you installed the preview already?


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