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Cordova and PhoneGap

Posted: February 26, 2015 in Apache Cordova, Cross Platform
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After a technical discussion today and aligned with all the training i had make in the last months on native Windows development and cross development ( with Xamarin, Cordova and PhoneGap), i think with had come the time to approach the topic Cordova and PhoneGap once in the community a lot of people thinks PhoneGap and Cordova is the same platform.




Cordova and PhoneGap are different animals, you can maybe say that PhoneGap is a derivation of Cordova, but not the same thing. It’s true they really are different animals. Off course that Cordova and PhoneGap have  a shared history and are often mentioned in the same context.

  • Cordova, which is an open source project, originated as PhoneGap, created by a small company called Nitobi. This Company had been acquired by Adobe. Adobe took over PhoneGap as Adobe PhoneGap and around the same time, donated the code base into the Apache Foundation as an open source project.
  • Cordova is an open originated from PhoneGap and renamed as Cordova, and is deliver under a Apache licence. while Adobe continued
    the PhoneGap branding.

Adobe had continue with the implementation of PhoneGap and branding reinforcement. But essentially the cards played with PhoneGap by adobe are the development support. Adobe had extend some off the features also in his context but continuing to consider the Cordoba base architecture rules.

In other Words PhoneGap and Cordova should be seen as different platforms because they are deliver in different packages and can have different roadmaps. The open-source and base version is Cordova.

And how can i choose?

Unless there’s a very specific feature of phoneGap that is not present in Cordova ( is easiest to have the antagonist situation) or the need of using the fantastic set of tools that Adobes deliver with Cordova, you have no need to go to PhoneGap. By the way related with the tool part and technical evolution Visual Studio had released support to Apache Cordova and worths to have a look.

Next week EDIT a digital degree (from marketing to technical hands on passing for ux and art direction)  school who had in portugal create some deruptivness in the teaching methods and results will host an event dedicated to Responsive Design and UX.



Industry Sessions are an event brand by Edit that is dedicated to show to the community what Digital Industry is doing best and how, directly from the words off the owns who are working everyday in the digital Marketing .

I will have the pleasure to be at the stage in this event to talk about Responsive, one topic i had pursuit and work in the agency and in my particular roles and also as a teacher and methodology author.

For the ones who want to be in Lisbon with us in the next 4 of March here you have the link to grab a seat in the event


As we had written in the past in the blog and i had the opportunity to say to some off you on the Microsoft talks where i had been the pleasure to be a speaker, after the Microsoft Connect event a lot of things happen in the .NET ecosystem.

For many developer’s this can be a little scary- A lot of us speaker’s trainers and mentors had been very excited with what is happening on the Microsoft platform World along with what the Technical universe had give us in the last months.




Michael Crump and Sam Basu with the sponsor of Telerik had create a good quick help book who helps you to had a quick look on to the major changes on the .NET ecosystem can bring initial uncertainty and hesitancy.

I think they had done a good work, for developer’s and technical enthusiasts who don’t have the time to make a follow-up of what is happening this can be an excellent kick starter.

You can download for free this e-book from

After some years developing projects with Microsoft Sharepoint, a part that many consultants and IT managers leave behind when building Sharepoint solution and web in general, is the way content are organized and the formulas used to build the information architecture of the solution.



Information Architecture can be described as “the science of organizing and labeling websites, intranets, online communities and software to support usability.”

In detail and having Sharepoint as a starting point when we talk about Information Architecture we include:

  • site taxonomy/structure
  • metadata
  • search schema
  • navigation
  • content tree

I Navigation i.e. is automatically driven by the site’s structure, your site taxonomy will impact the usability of your navigation.

As better designed and adapted to the organization is an Information architecture more close you are to achieve the following goals:

  1. Usability – Sites that lack a well-thought out IA tend to be less usable.  It’s more difficult to find information and site navigation tends to be substandard or confusing.
  2. Compliance – Policies that allow us to adhere to compliance regulations are quite often driven by metadata.  If the metadata design is lacking, it may be difficult or impossible to stay in compliance, which can have tremendous legal and financial repercussions.
  3. Site Management/Administration – A strong IA will help prevent site sprawl and may help address storage requirements or goals.

Besides my opinion i would like in this post to share with you some off the resources i pass to my colleagues and trainees:





Windows Azure Platform diagram

Posted: February 20, 2015 in Architecture, Windows Azure

Today i had recieved this fantastic poster, I think taking a look in this is a excelent way to have a high level vision of what’s avaiable for us on the platform.



You can download also this poster directly from Microsoft at:



In the last days i had been training again some developers (1core developer and 3 webdevelopers) of how to develop Universal Windows Store APPS for Windows 8.1 using WinJS, HTML 5, CSS 3  and C# as common runtime objects.

Image result for windows 8.1 html 5

Like in other occasions i had start by explaining the OS architecture and the UX patterns behind Windows 8 Store apps. After some explanation about the base architecture and the way some base building blocks of windows 8.1 work.

One off the thinks i give always to our colleagues who learn this base technology besides my notes and presentations that i am sure you already know, are the following book and videos:

Front cover of Kraig Brockschmidt's Programming Windows Store Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Second Edition

Hope this information can help you all in your deep dives and also in the train of our colleagues who are new to this fantastic programming model.


Xamarin usefull links

Posted: February 18, 2015 in .NET, KB resources, Xamarin

I had spent some off my time in the last weeks to deep dive in to Xamarin platform. At work we are with a big project based on Xamarin and i had also the need to train new developers to use this technologies besides the architecture responsibility for a big app based on Xamarin.


Image result for xamarin

Soon i will share all my samples, presentation and training slides and also some quick notes about this platform.

The first time i had study and use Xamarin was at 2 years ago, last year i had the opportunity to have some training on Xamarin and i had done a deep dive at the technology in the  end of the year.

For me the most interesting resources right now are:

If you want to get the slides i had use in the talks i had done about Xamarin, you can download them from my Slideshare acount


Azure free ebook

Posted: February 17, 2015 in Books, Windows Azure

Today ia was reading some chapters of a new microsoft book about Windows Azure. This book is a good fundamentals book for the ones who know already Windows Azure and need to know a litle more about other features of Azure that we don t use everyday,


Microsoft Azure Essentials: Fundamentals of Azure

I would also recommend this book for beginers ( IT professionals and developer’s) . I will really sugest for everyone that use Azure and need to take alook at some fundamentals to take a look before looking for a different book. You can get him from

My congrats to Michael S. Collier ( and E. Shahan both MVP’s for the excelent book and in the name of the developmnt community a big thnaks for the KB pass.

Michael S. Collier and Robin E. Shahan 


SharePoint 2016 Coming in 2015


Office 2016 was already announced by Microsoft, if you wish to know more about that go to, was also announced that the launch of this product will occur before the end of the year. As usually with a new version of Office a new version of Sharepoint starts to be talked about. From this side we had already start to take a look in what is coming on this technology.

We can expect to had a version on-premise that at this point the next version of Sharepoint will be named Sharepoint 2016.

Main graphic - new - 020215

Microsoft had continuos to take some functionlities and extensibility options of Sharepoint on-premises to Sharepoint online.

“In addition to providing the traditional SharePoint capabilities, such as Search, Content and Team Sites—and a great platform to build on—we’re delivering new, targeted experiences within Office 365. These experiences are collaborative, bringing teams together in an always-connected world;mobile, truly productive using any device; intelligent, contextual, relevant and personalized;ready to go, with shorter time to value; and cross-suite, blending experiences across Office 365 and blurring the lines across traditional product silos.” – Julia White, general manager for the Office Product Management team.

What refreshing new we can expect for Sharepoint in 2016

Search: The sharepoint serach system is going beyond traditional enterprise search, Office Delve is a new way to discover relevant information and connections from data across Office 365, as well as provide predictive search capabilities.

Portals: We can expect a evolution of portals templates at list in the online version. An expansion of the portfolio and delivering new ‘ready-to-go’ Portals that historically would have taken customers weeks, if not months, to build.

Files: Acording with Julia White in addition to the general purpose document libraries in SharePoint, OneDrive provides users with one place to easily store, sync and share personal files across devices—with security, reliability and manageability squarely in place for IT. OneDrive ultimately removes the need for personal file servers and local hard drives while enabling easier sharing and collaboration across the organization.

There are also some news about Power BI and stronger capabylities on this area on Office 365, and at social features of Sharepoint.


For the ones interested on Sharepoint 2016 you can get more information at:

Windows 10 continues to grow and their bits are almost ready for all of us use as our cross-platform operating system.

One of the main question off all Windows platforms users is how Windows 10 will behave on Windows 10.

For MVP’s, technology passionate and Windows platform developers we are anxious to start studying and developing for Windows 10 on the phone.

For the ones who want to use Windows 10 Preview on the phone today only the follow Lumias are eligible (Source Microsoft):

  • Lumia 630
  • Lumia 635
  • Lumia 636
  • Lumia 638
  • Lumia 730
  • Lumia 830

For the ones who had not seen nothing about Windows 10, i sugest you to listen about Windows 10 on the phone from the words of Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore in the following Video.