7 Industry Sessions By Edit

Posted: March 10, 2015 in Events, internet of things, Responsive Design

At 7 of March it had occur the seven edition of the Edit Industry Sessions, the topic of the conference was UX and Responsive Design. As i had announced i was invited to be one of the speakers of an event were 140 person had come to discuss and study with us this topic.



In my talk i had presented my perspective of what we are doing wrong nowadays when we develop in responsive and also what we can learn from responsive to apply in all our frontend development. One off my main focus on this conference besides methodology and the right strategy for the right problem was to remember that Responsive had become a Web Standard once web is ubiquitous. You can get the slides of my talk from slideshare at http://www.slideshare.net/amarreiros/pragmatic-responsive-web-design-industry-session-7




The other’s speakers had give us excelent talkes, was very interesting to listen the discussion of Mobile First approach from a criative prespective and also to see the new solution of Outsystem to the UI layer. The event had end with a real world example of the usage of the responsive design principles in the build of a Mobile application.

You can get the other speakers talk from the EDIT slideshare:

Was a great event and is very good to see that are so many people pursuing the Responsive Design and Development Wave.


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