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All about the Angular

Posted: March 28, 2018 in Angular

As many of you know one of the frameworks that had deserve a lot off work and discover in the last years had been Angular.

Don’t start with Angular this and React that :), because i love React and have some work done with React Native. But Angular because off his structure and patterns seems in my humble opinion more interesting for some specific projects.


Angular had been on top of my mind since the first version. is not the easiest technology to learn especially if you come from a Frontend background. I think that’s the reason why since the first version i’ had to try to share a little bit of my experience.

This season partnership with Edit we are bringing an intensive Workshop, where i’ will try to pass all i’ know and have experience in Angular trenches.

There will be a 32 hours of hard work in sunny Lisbon if you are a nearby developer and want to build up a little more skills with Angular come join us and share also what you know.

All together we are so much stronger and standards and software dream really born. From my side, I will be this 32 hours try to motivate you and pass all i have passed.


To know more about this Workshop go to

PS: what’s the version we gone use? The last!


As technical speaker one of the places where i love to go back from time to time, is to NePonto community stage.

This was the first community where i start to collaborate initial not as speaker but as audience and chating with our pals.

From time to time i have the pleasure to go back to this stage to share some ideias and bring to the community  some off the presentation i have prepared for training and bootcamps where i have the role off technical trainer and speaker.

This session will be dedicated to Angular and what i had learn from the projects i had done with Angular and Microsoft technologies, but also what comes from the R&D pilots i had done for the last 2 years.

Another interesting thing will be to share the stage with my good friend and hoster of  NetPonto community Nuno Cancelo. Nuno is someone who have a lot to teach and has a funny way to present things.

Come join us and bring your cap. to register follow the link


This is a current question, with Windows 10 it looks like you had lost the capacity to find the password you use for your Wi-Fi connection.

In this short hands on I will try to show you, how I normally do when I am having this challenge

First go to your wi-fi connection icon


And right click with your mouse

Choose the open Network & internet settings option, and you will navigate to the screen of Network configurations, on the left side off the screen choose the Wi-Fi option

You will see some of the Wi-Fi properties, and the name off the network you are currently connected. After that on the right side off the screen choose the option change adapter options.


You will see the following screen opening

This screen will be different depending the number off network adapters you have in your computer. Right click on the Wi-Fi connection and choose the status option.

Once you cick on the status option you will be reirected to the status of the network adapter. On this screen choose the Properties button

This properties button will forward you to the Internal properties off the Wi-Fi adapter.On this screen choose the Security tab

On the security screen you will have all the security option you had choose to configure your Wi-Fi adapter, clicking on the show charaters, the stored password will appear


Hope this post is usefull for you who are strieveing with this topic