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Fake Rest services for POC

Posted: April 23, 2018 in React, React Native

Many of us when entering in a new technology, or to prototype some concepts had allways an issue that many times make new projects
born inside a project. Sometimes this is good but most of the times thi mines a lost off focus and if the goal is just learn a new
Library or technology of frontend or integration, dealing with the backend can make things last longer.


In my Workshops, study projects R&D and prototypes i am having one off tree approaches, that i would like to share with the
community, because they had been a good bet until now.

– Azure Hub Services: For a quick creation of a backend and to have some struture on the cloud;
– Firebase: A recent aquisition, and had been very impressive. This SAS is very easy to costumise and real cheap.
For classroms until now has been a gooda approach;
– Fake Services: Using generic Services created once for the effecta and reused. I have some solution on Azure Hub Services, based on
different topics like Movies, Contacts and Photo Galleries created for reuse. Other approach is is great for tests and it is already on the web and from every local you can use it.


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In Example right now i am looking to the sea and building a propousal with a demo part, this react native demo. This need of puting a
real functional demos had born from a phone call. And this is the kind off challenge where time will be all.
is saving me. In the next hours i will only focus on the build off the frontend demo part, since i am out off the office and backend
is something not important for know. This approach can save your day.

I hope this post is usefull for you.


A typicall question i recieve from young and very old .net developers is whats the big difference between the various versions off .net, and what should be teir bet.

A fellow Microsoft MVP David Pine had wrote an excellent article about the differences and i would like to share that with our audience:

About .net standard i had start recently to use it at some projects and had been a challenge but the cross platform promise woth the effort.



I was get my development environment for a new project that as the goal to create a totally cross platform app.

This app will work on web and will also have a Android Mobile APP and a IOS Mobile APP.

Typically i would have a MACOS to compile the Mobile APP and this can also be usefull to test web developments on
MACOS browsers.

Since i am working on different client and offices this isn’t the best approach. I believe this question is also the question
some off my colleagues Developers and Architects have, so i would like to share with you the solution i end up implementing.

First i had to choose a Virtual Machine technology, in my case i already have Virtual Box on my machine and i choose to use that.

Then i generate a Virtual Machine from my MAC development machine, to use as hard disk of my MACOS development VM.

If you don’t have how to generate the VM, you have a downloadable vm at thanks to (i don’t know if it his total legal to use this).

Once you have the disk image on your pc, create a new Virtual Machine on Virtual Box and attatch the MACOS image as the disk of the VM.

In case you intend to use Xamarin like in my case don’t forget to grant that your physicall Windows Machine and the VM are at the same network subnet.

You have also a good tutorial about the usage of the MACOS image at the follow Wikigain video


!!!Important note

For the ones who don’t want all this hard work or don’t have processing available for this i also recommend you to try a option that allow you to rent a MACOS in the cloud.

The Web is more then just…

Posted: April 14, 2018 in Anouncements

An excelent article to remember us all what the internet is, special for developers

proud logo

Posted: April 12, 2018 in Anouncements

I recieved yesterday a steaker that i am very proud of recieving, a online initiative that i am proud that we have in Portugal for the quality and mission.


Soon you will see why this had come to my desk ;). Thanks Portugal a Programar

Angular and PWA

Posted: April 11, 2018 in Anouncements

One question that i recieve a lot about Angular is his relation with PWA. Heres a good article about the topic

A couple weak’s i’had leave Innovagency where i’had my main role as CTO. Wouldn’t be fair if I won’t public thank’s this team for all the work and dreams we had made together.

My mission was to help the company to excel and achieve new technical levels. I choose to leave in the moment where I had the feeling off mission accomplish, and boy sometimes we really excel.

Thanks to the company and the opportunities they lead me, to all the teams for the amazing work we had done together and also the guts to listen sometimes the insanity and dreams of this CTO.


Was great to work where personally i’ had learn a lot with all my colleagues, partners and clients and i am grateful for that, but sometimes we feel that is time to take a different road. I leave a lot of me here and take a lot also and that’s super. I will keep close and for sure we will keep seeing great achievements from this company.

A special thanks also to our clients and partners who had bring us so many interesting projects.

What about now?! I am on holidays and working my mind (yes thinking can be worky lol ) on what would come next.

To all the innovagenciers out there 😉 keep rocking and thanks for all