My name is Alexandre Marreiros

I am Graduated in Engenharia Informatica e de Computadores by ISEL.

My carreer is a child starting in 1995 as a Java developer freeler, later i start to do freelers architecture and development in .net.

In 1998 after almost a year studying and researching IA in the university i end up my graduation and enter to the market of web and digital.
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Since them i had been web developer, framework developer, IA tester, IA researcher, software architect, Former CTO.

I had founded one softwrae company, work as software architect in multiple companies being th emost famous of them opensoft. I was CTO of Innovagency for about 10 years. Nowadays i do a lot of things but i keep inlove with technology, digital and Ship the best quality possible work.

CTO as a servce, software architect, developer, technical teacher and speaker are the main services i deliver nowadays.

At spare time i keep my technology researches and do some things as  independent Consultant, and  Technical trainer and speaker.

The blog:

Digitalmindignition is the name of this blog and a copyright of one of my personal projects, and goes aligned with the way i see and use technologies as a way to expand and exceed skills of organizations society and single humans.

This is the blog that resumes some off my home studying and professional experience, i hope you enjoy this.

Feel free to comment and to use the kB that we share in this blog.

If you want to to find more about me or work with me get in touch: