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As technical speaker one of the places where i love to go back from time to time, is to NePonto community stage.

This was the first community where i start to collaborate initial not as speaker but as audience and chating with our pals.

From time to time i have the pleasure to go back to this stage to share some ideias and bring to the community  some off the presentation i have prepared for training and bootcamps where i have the role off technical trainer and speaker.

This session will be dedicated to Angular and what i had learn from the projects i had done with Angular and Microsoft technologies, but also what comes from the R&D pilots i had done for the last 2 years.

Another interesting thing will be to share the stage with my good friend and hoster of  NetPonto community Nuno Cancelo. Nuno is someone who have a lot to teach and has a funny way to present things.

Come join us and bring your cap. to register follow the link


On 24 February a sunny Saturday I will have the pleasure to come back to my home community, yes I am talking about netponto. Is always special to spend some hours talking about experiences and technology with this guys. And off course to see some great professionals who have gave me so much knowledge and coaching along the path.

This session will be special and if you around Leiria I hope to have the pleasure to see you there.

Special why?

-is in Leiria a special city in his history off battles and conquers and also in self-made business persons;

– is a session full off Angular with some “twicks” off Microsoft technology;

– the other speaker is Glauco an excellent speaker and he is bringing Angular to the stage also;

– the lost reason my talk is a presentation that has been around for almost a year (essential used to train teams) but is the first time I will present this on  open session;

See you in Leiria


Register here:

Angular JS for beginers

Posted: November 4, 2014 in AngularJS
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Angular JS are one-off that frameworks that had coming conquering me each day a little bit more. Is a fantastic approach for the web but s not a easy technology to explain or write about.

I share with you all rhe two best resources for Angula JS beginners:

  • A 3 part article by with the nameKesse Smith Angular Js Fundamental Concepts
  •  I would really also recomend Angular JS newbies to see the Pluralsight course

AngularJS is a technology that definitely worth some time, if you have some doubts or ned help contact me with the email title: questions about Angular JS. If you need i can also share a screen with you and explain you what i already had learn about Angular JS.