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Cordova and PhoneGap

Posted: February 26, 2015 in Apache Cordova, Cross Platform
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After a technical discussion today and aligned with all the training i had make in the last months on native Windows development and cross development ( with Xamarin, Cordova and PhoneGap), i think with had come the time to approach the topic Cordova and PhoneGap once in the community a lot of people thinks PhoneGap and Cordova is the same platform.




Cordova and PhoneGap are different animals, you can maybe say that PhoneGap is a derivation of Cordova, but not the same thing. It’s true they really are different animals. Off course that Cordova and PhoneGap have  a shared history and are often mentioned in the same context.

  • Cordova, which is an open source project, originated as PhoneGap, created by a small company called Nitobi. This Company had been acquired by Adobe. Adobe took over PhoneGap as Adobe PhoneGap and around the same time, donated the code base into the Apache Foundation as an open source project.
  • Cordova is an open originated from PhoneGap and renamed as Cordova, and is deliver under a Apache licence. while Adobe continued
    the PhoneGap branding.

Adobe had continue with the implementation of PhoneGap and branding reinforcement. But essentially the cards played with PhoneGap by adobe are the development support. Adobe had extend some off the features also in his context but continuing to consider the Cordoba base architecture rules.

In other Words PhoneGap and Cordova should be seen as different platforms because they are deliver in different packages and can have different roadmaps. The open-source and base version is Cordova.

And how can i choose?

Unless there’s a very specific feature of phoneGap that is not present in Cordova ( is easiest to have the antagonist situation) or the need of using the fantastic set of tools that Adobes deliver with Cordova, you have no need to go to PhoneGap. By the way related with the tool part and technical evolution Visual Studio had released support to Apache Cordova and worths to have a look.