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I Was a speaker in WordCamp Portugal sometime ago ( to know more about go to, last Friday i gave a small interview to this year  WordCamp Porto, next we publish the interview if you want to go to the Portuguese organization site you can go to

Was a pleasure to be in WordCamp some years ago and is great to view how well structured WordPress adoption had been made.

“Be really Prepared!” Advices Alexandre Marreiros to the

WordCamp 2013 speakers


“Be really prepared” with an exclamation point at the end of the sentence. Alexandre Marreiros recommends those who are interested in making presentations at WordCamp Port to do the homework. Speakers should also be ready to be “original, hardworking and incisive.”

Speaks who knows. Who took the stage at WordCamp 2012 in Lisbon to discuss the implementation of plugins.

Alexandre Marreiros a degree in Computer Engineering and Computers by ISEL. Since January 2010 shall act as the CTO Innovagency .

Alexandre acceded to our invitation to answer some questions about WordCamp, WordPress and announce that the calendar tells you to 9 and November 10 will be in a certain event in Porto.

What was the topic addressed in the presentation?

The theme of my presentation was to implement plugins for WordPress framework. The plugins are all extensibility mechanisms of WordPress that has the greatest potential, unfortunately not the whole community understands or knows how to implement. The aim of the session was precisely sensitize developers in a relaxed but incisive for the development and use of this mechanism as well as explain some of the details that occur behind the scenes at runtime WordPress.

It is a topic that still stands today?

Without a doubt. That is because in addition to knowledge of programmatic plugins allow us to understand many of the basic concepts of the runtime of WordPress allows anyone engaged in the development of solutions based on WordPress and acertivo be more “modular”. Besides being one of the plugins more powerful extensibility features of WordPress there is an entire “market” based on this type of development that has grown immensely and that is far from being exhausted.

Still retains the enthusiasm in WordPress?

Yes It’s been interesting to see the adoption of the WordPress platform to grow, as it has grown since the blogosphere to be used as core to the digital content management, which increasingly see solutions ‘not web’ to use WordPress as a backend. It is a platform where there is still much work to do and with a huge growth potential.

How did the WordPress?

I started using WordPress for a blog privately and quickly began to adopt a logic of backoffice web solutions developed under this freelancing at a stage not yet via WordPress as a CMS platform.Also used WordPress as a content provider via feeds for “3rd party aplications” in the epoch in which he spoke very adopting webservices but in the paradigm used was mainly SOA, what kind of solutions for fast and that detached intended was too heavy. Were thus the first technical contact I had with WordPress in mid 2005/2006.

Any suggestions for potential speakers next WordCamp?

Yes Prepare well! The WordCamp must normally be a very interventional and multidisciplinary audience with good skills in WordPress matter as such deserve themes that really pull the audience who watch and help to achieve a higher level. Be original, hardworking and incisors.

WordCamp will be in Porto?

Probably yes, at least it is marked on my calendar ;).


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