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Prestashop Features

Posted: March 18, 2015 in PrestaShop
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I had been developing directly or inderectly e-commerce solutions for mote then 5 years. Long the way i had experiment a lot of e-commerce solutions like Prestashop, Mangento, NopCommerce and recently WooCommerce and Kentico Comerce.

The feeling i get every time someone ask me each solution to use or when i need to choose or to present to someone is a lack of a visualization of features. To help us in this visualization in PrestaShop case ( one of the more complete solutions i had try if you are looking for a 360 solution) Lisa Smith from Blueberry Labs had share with us a great infographic .
Prestashop - The Best eCommerce Experience

Thanks Lisa for the sharing i think this information will be helpful for a lot of us when explaining what PrestaShop can do for our clients.

for PrestaShop Beginner’s

Posted: August 31, 2013 in PrestaShop

Some time ago i had been asked to do in a freelance job a PrestaShop Store. I had love that but at first it was difficult to understand. Some years had pass since then and PrestaShop stills being a big player when talking about accelerated E-Comerce stores.


There as been a while since i don’t do nothing with this platform but some months ago at my job i had the need to make the budget for rewriting a PrestaShop store, so hand’s on and i had to remember how it was to develop and all the features and tricks of the platform.

Site :

Tutorial video before begin:

Tutorial video how to install:

Theming PrestaShop:


runing PrestaShop on Xamp:

Backup and restore PrestaShop:

Tools PrestaShop:’s+Tools


And off course if you are a kind of reading developer i will suggest you this great book: PrestaShop 1.5 Beginner’s Guide