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After some deserved holidays and a long run off months studying and running in to new projects, i had back to stage to talk about E-.Commerce pratices and trends.

This talk was at the Edit Industry Sessions last saturday in Lisbon and i had the honour to share the stage and the presentation with José a excelent professional from Farfetch.

An ionteresting thing about me and José is that both love UX but while i am from the dark Development World and José comes from the bright criative universe. Bnoth off us give classes about responsive in the same Course but at different Portuguese Cities.


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Was a great pelasure to work with José on this presentation and to have the opportunity to show to our communities how E-Comerce can be better the do’s and dont’s and what are the next chapters we will make.

Next saturday we will be back on stage this time in Porto, and we have some ideias to the presentation to bring even more to our industry collegues.

Soon we will have at slideshare the presentation

ps: All the credits off post images goes to Edit.

At 7 of March it had occur the seven edition of the Edit Industry Sessions, the topic of the conference was UX and Responsive Design. As i had announced i was invited to be one of the speakers of an event were 140 person had come to discuss and study with us this topic.



In my talk i had presented my perspective of what we are doing wrong nowadays when we develop in responsive and also what we can learn from responsive to apply in all our frontend development. One off my main focus on this conference besides methodology and the right strategy for the right problem was to remember that Responsive had become a Web Standard once web is ubiquitous. You can get the slides of my talk from slideshare at




The other’s speakers had give us excelent talkes, was very interesting to listen the discussion of Mobile First approach from a criative prespective and also to see the new solution of Outsystem to the UI layer. The event had end with a real world example of the usage of the responsive design principles in the build of a Mobile application.

You can get the other speakers talk from the EDIT slideshare:

Was a great event and is very good to see that are so many people pursuing the Responsive Design and Development Wave.

Next week EDIT a digital degree (from marketing to technical hands on passing for ux and art direction)  school who had in portugal create some deruptivness in the teaching methods and results will host an event dedicated to Responsive Design and UX.



Industry Sessions are an event brand by Edit that is dedicated to show to the community what Digital Industry is doing best and how, directly from the words off the owns who are working everyday in the digital Marketing .

I will have the pleasure to be at the stage in this event to talk about Responsive, one topic i had pursuit and work in the agency and in my particular roles and also as a teacher and methodology author.

For the ones who want to be in Lisbon with us in the next 4 of March here you have the link to grab a seat in the event


The engines already running and me and the rest of the Workshop Trainer’s crew are ready for the second edition of the Edit Workshop in Lisbon Portugal.

If it wasn’t possible for you to grant your seat, soon we will made this WorkShop again at Porto Portugal.

For tomorrow we had made a review of the workshop program to grant that the workshop becomes more fluid, and to maintain it consistent with the today Trends.

From this side we are very motivated for tomorrow and wishing to give to our students the best we can. For the ones going to the workshop tomorrow see you tomorrow for the rest we will keep our engines running and bringing you the last Trends and associated Knowledge.

To know more about this initiative go to the Edit Web Site

As many of you may know from some years until know i had been a great adept of responsive design aproach. i had done some live WebCasts and gave some Workshops about the Theme.

Now i was invited to Teach in a Course with Pedro Moreira da Silva, with the goal to give to Web Developer’s the KB Tools they need to upgrade their Web Thinking to Responsive thinking.

And the tools and KB to build great responsive WebSites. Will be a great quest to teatch in a course like this and i am very happy to do this and curious to see how our students skills will upgrade.


If you want to know more about the course or get in to him go to


I was invited by the digitalsoft alliance to make a webcast for their online web talks.

The subject of this cast will be Responsive design i don’t know if will be possible for you to follow this online, but i was already authorized to post the recording of the webcast in the YouTube so everyone interested in responsive design can access to the KB exposed in the cast.

Was a nice surprise to have this opportunity to explain in plain english one-off the concepts that have rocked the web in the past year.

For the one’s in the alliance we talk soon in the webcast for the rest here stays the promise soon i post the recording of a great part of the cast.