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one of the most difficult tasks in Sharepoint is when you receive an “unexpected error”, is in that occasions that you know you really have to dive in to the Logs, that as we know are not user friendly.

Some of this kind of errors bring with them a clue a correlation id build based on a specific guid, that few people know what it identifies.

This  GUID that is named on the dialog box as correlationid is an automatically generated code for every request that the SharePoint web server receives.

Is a persistent value used by the runtime to identify a particular request and it is mantained in the future communications between different servers in the farm when related to the same client request.

To discover what happened, you need to find the ULS logs for the time at which this event occurred, and search for the Correlation ID in those logs. You may have to look across several of the web front ends to find the one that has the correlation ID you’re looking for. This may give you some insight into what happened right before the request that generated the error. ULSViewer could be the right tool for you in this kind of situations.

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I Hope this information can be a help when you lost yourself around the errors without mesage and just with an GUID to identify themselves.