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Sharepoint Saturday Lisbon

Posted: November 22, 2017 in Sharepoint 2016

Last Saturday Lisbon had recieved at Microsoft Offices Sharepoint Saturday event. Was a excelent and very well organized event.


Was a great and inspiring event, is amazing what had happen to Sharepoint in the lost couple of years.

Branding that was always a big chalenge in Sharepoint development had elevated the game now to a all new level thanks to the SPFX extensions.

Was a great event with very interesting speakers and valuable insights. Thank you guys and keep the good work.

After some years developing projects with Microsoft Sharepoint, a part that many consultants and IT managers leave behind when building Sharepoint solution and web in general, is the way content are organized and the formulas used to build the information architecture of the solution.



Information Architecture can be described as “the science of organizing and labeling websites, intranets, online communities and software to support usability.”

In detail and having Sharepoint as a starting point when we talk about Information Architecture we include:

  • site taxonomy/structure
  • metadata
  • search schema
  • navigation
  • content tree

I Navigation i.e. is automatically driven by the site’s structure, your site taxonomy will impact the usability of your navigation.

As better designed and adapted to the organization is an Information architecture more close you are to achieve the following goals:

  1. Usability – Sites that lack a well-thought out IA tend to be less usable.  It’s more difficult to find information and site navigation tends to be substandard or confusing.
  2. Compliance – Policies that allow us to adhere to compliance regulations are quite often driven by metadata.  If the metadata design is lacking, it may be difficult or impossible to stay in compliance, which can have tremendous legal and financial repercussions.
  3. Site Management/Administration – A strong IA will help prevent site sprawl and may help address storage requirements or goals.

Besides my opinion i would like in this post to share with you some off the resources i pass to my colleagues and trainees:





SharePoint 2016 Coming in 2015


Office 2016 was already announced by Microsoft, if you wish to know more about that go to, was also announced that the launch of this product will occur before the end of the year. As usually with a new version of Office a new version of Sharepoint starts to be talked about. From this side we had already start to take a look in what is coming on this technology.

We can expect to had a version on-premise that at this point the next version of Sharepoint will be named Sharepoint 2016.

Main graphic - new - 020215

Microsoft had continuos to take some functionlities and extensibility options of Sharepoint on-premises to Sharepoint online.

“In addition to providing the traditional SharePoint capabilities, such as Search, Content and Team Sites—and a great platform to build on—we’re delivering new, targeted experiences within Office 365. These experiences are collaborative, bringing teams together in an always-connected world;mobile, truly productive using any device; intelligent, contextual, relevant and personalized;ready to go, with shorter time to value; and cross-suite, blending experiences across Office 365 and blurring the lines across traditional product silos.” – Julia White, general manager for the Office Product Management team.

What refreshing new we can expect for Sharepoint in 2016

Search: The sharepoint serach system is going beyond traditional enterprise search, Office Delve is a new way to discover relevant information and connections from data across Office 365, as well as provide predictive search capabilities.

Portals: We can expect a evolution of portals templates at list in the online version. An expansion of the portfolio and delivering new ‘ready-to-go’ Portals that historically would have taken customers weeks, if not months, to build.

Files: Acording with Julia White in addition to the general purpose document libraries in SharePoint, OneDrive provides users with one place to easily store, sync and share personal files across devices—with security, reliability and manageability squarely in place for IT. OneDrive ultimately removes the need for personal file servers and local hard drives while enabling easier sharing and collaboration across the organization.

There are also some news about Power BI and stronger capabylities on this area on Office 365, and at social features of Sharepoint.


For the ones interested on Sharepoint 2016 you can get more information at: