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Umbraco V5 uncontinued

Posted: June 14, 2012 in Anouncements, Umbraco

One off the most smart things a great software engineer and develop team should made is cut off when a product is not working and restart.

That what Umbraco had made with his version 5. The version 5 of Umbraco was considered RIP a very clever decision that prove once more that Umbraco team is much then average when thinking and doing Software,

In the end, the only responsible decision, the only decision that respects the community and the core values of the project was to retire v5”  Paul Sterling

You can find more about that at:

Congrats Umbraco team for the guts and the responsible decision.

Website building in azure now is more than just the idea of WebRole.

With the beginning of what they had call the Hybrid Cloud a lot had change and Azure had unleashed the cloud web hosting game to another level.

Now you have a concept similar to the one people had love in webmatrix, the idea of a template building site based on some web technology.

(You can find more about Website feature in Hanselman post’s

Based on that idea and to give you a first perspective off how you can do that with a technology that i really like, and that until now as far as i know just was deployed to azure via webaccelarator’s. Let´s see how we can put Umbraco run in the Azure quickly with the template websites new feature.

You must have subscribed to the new azure feature Website to accomplish the tasks i will explain in this post.

first you must access to the management portal of windows azure. When you access the portal if you were not redirected to a page where you must choose between the new portal preview or the older, and you have navigated to the old portal, ask for a preview clicking in the option in the bottom off the page.

Once in the new preview portal, choose the new option

It will open a choice window, here choose website option.

Choosing website you have 3 different options:

  • Quick Create: that allow us to quick create a website environment leaving the deployment and configuration tasks for a later moment.
  • Create with database: this option allow us to create a web site that will support a database at his backend.
  • From Gallery: allow us to choose to deploy a website based in several prepackages web applications from Microsoft web gallery.

For our intend to have an instance off Umbraco installed in a webmatrix way (Quicky and empty) let’s choose from galley. A page to select the application we intend to install will appear at a shadowbox page.

A special consideration about this last step as to do with allowing or not Azure services to access the server, the deal is that if checked you will allow other services to access to your DB, choose yes can be important in cases where you will have an ecosystem of services around your web application.

At this point confirming all the options maded your umbraco enviroment starts to be built

After some momments you can browse to your Umbraco enviorment and start the configuration steps.

Comparing to the past this was to bring Umbraco to azure was very quick and easy right?! No just need to follow the usual setup process of Umbraco and you can start your on Umbraco site.

Azure Websites from gallery feature offer’s the same kind pof experience for other CMS plataform’s like Orchard or Drupal or even WordPress. Bringing this kind of easiness to put robust plataforms in the cloud enable developer’s and architects to concentrate on the solution and not in the entire infra struture process.