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After some deserved holidays and a long run off months studying and running in to new projects, i had back to stage to talk about E-.Commerce pratices and trends.

This talk was at the Edit Industry Sessions last saturday in Lisbon and i had the honour to share the stage and the presentation with José a excelent professional from Farfetch.

An ionteresting thing about me and José is that both love UX but while i am from the dark Development World and José comes from the bright criative universe. Bnoth off us give classes about responsive in the same Course but at different Portuguese Cities.


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Was a great pelasure to work with José on this presentation and to have the opportunity to show to our communities how E-Comerce can be better the do’s and dont’s and what are the next chapters we will make.

Next saturday we will be back on stage this time in Porto, and we have some ideias to the presentation to bring even more to our industry collegues.

Soon we will have at slideshare the presentation

ps: All the credits off post images goes to Edit.


Last Month Microsoft Potugal had invite me to make 2 sessions at the Microsoft Tech Refresh an event to show the development community what’s new and what’s caming next you can have a look ate the agenda in the figure


I was responsible for the deliver of the sessions  Web Application Development using WinJs and Universal Apps Development using HTML 5 and WinJS.

Was a good experience once more i had discover that few people had explore and know the really potential to use HTMl and WinJS on the development of Windows store apps. Was a great event and i was blessed with a great audience in my sessions very interested people with the potential to raise a technical discussion taht will lead them to learn more.

Thanks Microsoft Portugal for this amazing opportunity and a special thanks to the technical community taht once more had recieve me very well at the stage.

You can find the resources of this sessions at my slideshare.

windows 8 icons

Posted: August 23, 2012 in frontend, Windows 8

For the ones who are designed and developing in windows 8 Iconography is a serious theme nowadays. I had found today a Link with a lot of Icons that respect the guidelines of windows 8. You can share and use this icons and contribute with your own icons ( that’s how community and kb flows 😉 )

So here goes the link

Hi there

I had been reading a well written and valuable Microsoft Press book and it is free if you want to take a look here goes the link

Windows 8 completed last week one more step in the stair’s of born. With this some new doubts can wake in
our mind…

But one thing we have to endure if we wnat to be in this race and make good App’s is to understand how Windows 8 UX should be plan and understand the Metro thinking.

For the one’s like me who feel the need to understand the Metro UX and the designe thinkling here goes a usefull must read link

Building for different screen sizer should be one of the quest of every windows 8 developer and architect. for the ones with the same quest as me here goes a really nice article about this.