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In the last months i had been working on a project that had require that to solve some issues to build a lot off simple tools to help us achieve a new milestone.

Today i had a new simple need and find a lot of troubles to get an answer. I had just to copy some images to a new folder from a vast universe.

This little tool should run on a production server. Powershell comes to the rescue, but i had a lot off trouble to get a spinet for my problem.

So here the way i solve this:

1st: identify the files i want to copy and get a kind off database for that, we had create a CSV file for that with the following struture



2st create a folder where i will save the copying files

3st Iterate for each line of the YourFileName column and copy each file for the destiny folder

what i need to know to do this:

  • How to load the CSV file fot powershell consumption, this can be made by the command ‘Import-Csv fileList1.csv’ this will load into memory the whole file
  • How to read each line, since we had the need to create a cycle we can use the following instruction ForEach { }
  • Define the intended action for each row in the CSV file

The result of this comes in the fantastic line of code

Import-Csv fileList1.csv | ForEach {Copy-Item “c:\AllFilesUniverse\$($_.YourFileName)” f:\SelectedFiles }

We now just have to open the Windows powershell

and execute or command, a special attention in order for the command work we should runit on c:\ otherwize we need to put the full path for the csv file




It was with excitement that i spend this day, i was curious to see the faces of my tech colleagues and pals when a new chapter of Windows 10 would be revealed.

see everything about the today’s event at:

Today a litle more of Windows 10 had been shown to the world. The hot topics of yesterday presentation and anoucements were:

Delivering Windows as a service

A free upgrade to Windows 10

The New experiences that Windows 10 brings

Was also a good opportunity to answer the doubts about what will happen to the Universal Windows Store App’s that many had been asking on the community.

Cortana and other usability and IA add ons were the bright sars of the presentation, also the gesture and agmented reality had been exposed.

In the past i was to say that Windows 8 was made for people was the first step to achieve what Windows 10 will continue. Persons are not all the same needs are different and personification and personalization on the digital is the track to unify digital and reality.

Just one more thought about yesterday presentation Terry Myerson was a giant on the stage, you can read also his excellent post explaining each step of this next chapter on

Windows 10 is each day closer to the user and with more information out here we will start to present the most tricky and techy things here.

Had you installed the preview already?


Last Month Microsoft Potugal had invite me to make 2 sessions at the Microsoft Tech Refresh an event to show the development community what’s new and what’s caming next you can have a look ate the agenda in the figure


I was responsible for the deliver of the sessions  Web Application Development using WinJs and Universal Apps Development using HTML 5 and WinJS.

Was a good experience once more i had discover that few people had explore and know the really potential to use HTMl and WinJS on the development of Windows store apps. Was a great event and i was blessed with a great audience in my sessions very interested people with the potential to raise a technical discussion taht will lead them to learn more.

Thanks Microsoft Portugal for this amazing opportunity and a special thanks to the technical community taht once more had recieve me very well at the stage.

You can find the resources of this sessions at my slideshare.

As many of you may now i had been studying Windows phone 8 since last month. Windows Phone is a mobile platform that i truly admire for the implementation choices and for the ecosystem we can create when having Windows Phone 8, Azure and Windows 8.

At this time after a month doing hand’s on labs and studying i would be ready to write a series of post about the technologies or to shoot a deck of slides with a resume of what’s new. But in this case i think is a better choice to show you the excellent resources already available, that i think everyone who want to become a ninja in Windows Phone 8 should consider in his start.


First off all get the Windows phone 8 SDK:

To get a high level presentation of the new platform:

A entire channel 9 course to give you all the guidelines and show you whats inside the box and how to use that:

keep in mind the site of this technology website

And if you are like me a person who like to start the tests with a virtual machine you can try this recipe to build your development enviroment


Windows phone 8 training

finally for the ones like me that wish to understand how cross windows 8 + windows phone 8 app’s can be

If you have any question or need some help in your learning path fell free to ask.

For the ones who would like to use Windows phone 8 over a virtual environment, here goes a nice post on how to do this.

Right now i have already test Windows Phone 8 development for more than 2 weeks and this is the same tech i had use to run the WP 8 development over a Hyper-v framework

Hi folks,

Microsoft had finally released the Windows Phone 8 SDK i had spend the last 3 nights looking to the platform programming model and i am now trying to connect the dots between this platform and Windows 8 ;).

As soon i have some time i will start to pass some of my notes to posts sharing the KB to all the community.

Until then i let you with to important links the SDK and the official development website platform:

And finally to remember the platform presentation event