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Is one off the best times to start with the Cross Platform APP if you are a .Net core developer or if you need to build LOB or cross platform apps.

Not only the Mono touch had become a Framework with full support to all the Mobile challenges today, but also is one-off the few platform that allow us to have full integrated a continuous development test and deliver system



If this is all new for you take a look at the follow links to learn what’s happening in Xamarin Devop’s field:

For these days Xamarin is also asking his experts to take development message and to share their knowledge around the world in a coordinated by Xamarin world wide event.

You can see when is your city time at:

In Portugal, Lisbon is the hoster for the event and i will had the pleasure to speak about Xamarin Forms,a technology that have been one excellent tools in my freeller live and in some apps i had launch in the past and had been also a important tool on the company where i work.

Here you have the direct link to the event

if you are in Lisbon don’t louse your chance to have the afternoon hands lab with some off the market experts in corss platform development field.


I was invited to be a speaker on an event of the Portuguese Xamarin User Group.


My talk will be a technical and architecture testimonial of what should we consider when we are building a big consumer APP with a disruptive design, using Xamarin as the development platform.

The title off my talk is xamarin practices on big ui consumer apps and more then a testimonial it will be a discussion of patterns and architecture reasons to be consider when developing wow consumer apps using Xamarin Forms.


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I had spent some off my time in the last weeks to deep dive in to Xamarin platform. At work we are with a big project based on Xamarin and i had also the need to train new developers to use this technologies besides the architecture responsibility for a big app based on Xamarin.


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Soon i will share all my samples, presentation and training slides and also some quick notes about this platform.

The first time i had study and use Xamarin was at 2 years ago, last year i had the opportunity to have some training on Xamarin and i had done a deep dive at the technology in the  end of the year.

For me the most interesting resources right now are:

If you want to get the slides i had use in the talks i had done about Xamarin, you can download them from my Slideshare acount


In the last days i had been studying and coming back to the Xamarin plataform. Xamarin is a platform that allow us to create real world apps for different OS in just one instance and using all you already know from C#.


As some of you know Xamarin as established a global partnership with Microsoft, and at the last connect Microsoft event was announced that:

  1. Xamarin Templates in Visual Studio 2015 – Xamarim support for the Visual Studio 2015 Preview release. We will have Xamarin templates that make it easier to discover and download Xamarin from within the IDE. And Microsoft is now including templates for building iOS and Android apps with Xamarin directly in Visual Studio 2015.
  2. Free Xamarin Starter Edition for Visual Studio Users –  Microsoft new free edition to Visual Studio—Visual Studio Community will support for extensions, which means it will be Xamarin compatible with from day one.
  3. Special offers for MSDN Subscribers – From a Xamarim source, Xamarim had worked with Microsoft to create a  20% discount for Visual Studio Premium and Ultimate MSDN subscribers to purchase Xamarin Business or Enterprise Editions, or world-class mobile development training with Xamarin University, available up to 60 days after the Visual Studio Purchase.

I really recommend to all Mobile developers or Windows platform developers to take a look in Xamarim framework, if you hadn’t yet, for the ones beginning to know Xamarim i recommend you the following slide deck introduction to xamarim by xamarim teams.

From a highte level architecture point of view we can define Xamarim using the next block layer model:


As you can see the bigger secret of Xamarin relies in the Mono version of .NET runtime. This 2 years old technology are so solid that gartner had recognice him as a development platform for mobile application in their Magic Quadrant.

In my opinion if we compare Xamrim with other platforms like appcelarator or phone gap, Xamarin as a more interesting integration and a real abstraction, in my benchmark this platform had proved also to generate more robust and efficient.

At the moment i am preparing some workshops of Xamarin and also creating a new fitness app that uses Xamarin as the development platform, so soon i will bring you a little more information about this interesting development technology.

To access to the product website go to i would recommend you also the following course